Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Bee!

Speaking of bees, my friends have an epic bee hive complete with like 5 or 6 rows of honeycombs! Like 500,000 bees the Bee Guy estimates. True story. I saw the picture! I heard the buzzing! I was there you guys. Bees really are busy just in case you ever doubted. And should you ever cross a naysayer you just tell them a stranger on the internet said it was true so it's legit. I mean, if the internets say so it must be true, right? Also, completely unrelated news; ignorance is blissful.

So I've been busy beeing and that's the buzz. I'm working full time now and then some. Viva la Overtime y viva dinero en el banco! Can I getta 'Amen!' (I'm just gonna take the liberty of pretending that you 'Amen'ed all enthusiastic-like and pumped your fist in the air a little since this is not live blogging.) I've decided to work full time and take the slow lane on the Education Highway. Who ever said money isn't happiness... prolly has some cuz like it may not be like the main ingredient in the Scambled Eggs of Life but you definitely need a pan to make that shit. Happiness is the pan. Lost you still? ....  Moving on.

I lied. Back to Lina Worker Bee cuttin on the Flushin'! We all know that the NomVom is my drug of... well, it's my drug. And if you've been reading this blog ever at all you know it's what I'm always muttering all hatey mchaterton style on the nomvom tip. Work and overtime are helping me in a roundabout kinda way to cut the drug. Hugs not drugs y'all. You heard it here first [today]. The overtime was sort of a double edge sword. On one hand I was working and not vomming, on the other hand I was exhausted and the LupusMonsters sleep was being disturbed. Waking monsters is Bad News Bears but then so's the NomVomMonster. Not the best of times, not the worst of times. Coasting. It's not like I could tell people that I'm killing myself at work to avoid NomVom. Plus, I'm pretty sure they don't read this blog and wouldn't know what the fuck I'm talking about when I say NomVom anyway. So there's that.

Lucky for me, I weathered the OT Storm with no need for doctors visits. I made money. I saved money (nomvoms ain't cheap). Win. Win. Well... I still had episodes but cutting down to 2-3 times a week is improvement from nearly everyday. And I'm happy to say that this week I worked 40 hours and I did not nomvom. There were festivities. There were fumbles; but I did not fall! I did not flush! The Wifey McWifeyPants' voice of reason and reminder of The Streak helped a lot today, I was considering The Drug. Win.

Not being consumed in ED is grrrrrr-ATE! (Tony the Tiger Point Pump!) I got stuff done! Normal people stuff! Dishes! Check. Brown Bagging Lunch! Check. The Dreaded laundry! Check. Haircut! Check. Oil Change! Check. Send iPhone to the doctors! Check. Hanging with Friends! Checkity Check! I think I really drove my point home, so I'm gonna spare anymore of my checks, let's just say I'm WIN-NING! Like Sheen. Minus the drugs. Double the Tigers Blood. Triple the Awesome!!! Quadruple the the exclamation points!!!! YEAH! LET'S CAPS LOCK THIS BITCH! CAPS LOCK AND POPPIN'!


Time for bed now for some Sheen Dreams featuring WIN-NING!


  1. Wait..I got confused...don't you mean money is the pan you fry the scrambled eggs of life ingredients in? What? lmao

    Yay winning streak! FEEL THE FLOOD OF TIGER BLOOD!

  2. I actually sang my amen. so....


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