Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gotsta MAKE the Present a Gift!

It has not been a good week. But tomorrow TOMORROW! I will get the ball going on a spectaculwesome week! Full of success and the Fail count will be nil. Mark my words ladies! (But just for the week. I'll have new spectaculawesome words for the following week.) March is gonna be good. I'm getting the Badness out in Week One.

Aside from the Ed Fail of this past week. There was some news. Good news of the ka-ching persuasion. I started my job on Monday! Yay! (*spazzy dance*) So far, so good. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. There is an added comfort that a friend of a friend is who got me the job and who I work with. Can you believe it's been 2 years since I've worked? Yeah, it's pathetic but now Unemployed Status is in the past and Present Status is EMPLOYED! And EMPLOYED means paychecks! And Paychecks mean iPad 2 and iPhone 5!

Just kidding.


I'm trying to tell the Apple Addict in me that it's irresponsible and I don't *NEED* either, but... I'm an addict. An addict with a paycheck. Maybe when I get to 120? Oh wow, 120 is not even light. How far I've climbed the scale :( But if you'll remember there are words that will be action and action that will be weightloss!

It's so easy to get stuck in Sadpants Mode & dwelling on the ever present and oh so unwelcomed fat. Too easy. The only way to create a future is to work on it in the present! So I gotta go now and prepare for a week of Spectaculawesomeness! Starting with a load in the wash and a workout. Join me ladies!

Creating Futures NOW!!!

Ready GO!

Didn't go? oh well... you're still creating a future, I hope it's one you will like when that future is now.


  1. holy shit the positivity in this post is awesome. congrats on the job!!

  2. i feel uplifted just reading this! bravo on the job! March will be a great month! <3

  3. iphone 5 lhasdlkjsdfk I think I'm gonna break down and get a blackberry. O_O


    I am not even gonna talk about my fat feelings right now, wifey. lol

    and tomorrow, we both get to wake up and go to work (you have to say 'go to work' in the voice of the guy who does the cha-cha slide, ok?).

    between the two of us, 15dollarstore's sever is gonna crash.

  4. WOOOOOO JOB!!! *Does happy dance around flat* :D

  5. Awesome! Congrats on the job, lovely! :) I'm loving the positive vibes and goodness of it all :)


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