Saturday, March 19, 2011

I was going good on the No Vom Lent Thang and then today happened. Vom City USA y'all. Not cool. It's a good thing I'm not a church goer cuz me the moles*ahem* man in the booth would be having some words and then I'd end up on my knees.

Praying. Hailing Mary and whatnot? Whatever. I'm not a church goer. I know not of these church going things. (You dirty girls... admit it, you mind fell to the gutter! And in church talk no less! 4 Hail Marys!)

Apparently my blog has not attracted a Genius Quantum Physics Genius* for the Time Machine I have been requesting so there will be no time travel for this lil lady. Ergo, I'm movin on... since it's My Lent Rules then My Lent Rules are that today never happened and the NON Vom Show will go on! Tomorrow and through the rest of Lent. It's unfortunate that the scale is not under my Ruling Power cuz that mother fucker. That mother fucker over there. In the bathroom. All scale-like. Tryin play all innocent dressed in white?! Yeah. That mother fucker is about to hurt my fucking  feelings tomorrow morning by reminding me of todays mishaps. Jerk.

*le sigh* It is what it is. And what's done is done.

On that note, back to the past and reflection. My emotions are out of sorts. I hate this ED (groundbreaking, I know). I'm trying really hard to be normal and push the thoughts away and think new Pretty Pretty Princess thoughts full of confidence and champagne (if you are new here, champagne is what dreams are made of, ergo, it is associated with all things good). The ED voice totes turns my Champagne to like... moonshine or something. Moonshine sounds okay in theory, "yay drunkedness!" and then it tastes awful, burns your insides, ruins your make-up (teary eyes), and you wake up the next day feeling like roadkill on the 405 fwy at 5 o'clock happened to you yesterday (just go with it, don't reread. Moonshines makes no sense either).

But Champagne, Champagne is what dreams are made of and Champagne needs to be what my LIFE is made of DAMNIT! So tomorrow I'm back in the Lent Lane. Tomorrow exercise will happen! And it will happen to ME! And overall healthiness and good champagne-like things...  it's not gonna be easy but by-golly shits gotta get done! I need to lose weight. I need to do it in a healthy manner. 

Oh yeah. And homework. Homework needs to get done too. And apparently, it doesn't do itself and then download into my brain like a handy dandy little iPhone App. Genius Medical Geniuses, get on that.

*How am I not attracting Genius Quantum Physics Geniuses to my blog?! These people need to get their priorities straight. Clearly.


  1. wifey! I'm giving you the versatile blogger award, mkay. get on it. xox

  2. I hate my scale too.
    Critical prick.

  3. Your posts are always just straight up awesomeness and thats all there is to it. I love you!

  4. Lol.Just FYI, your blog survived my spring cleaning. I'm trying to eliminate most triggers for my ED, but your blog...I could not give it up. Lol. Stay safe hon <3 =)


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