Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yoga and Letters

This semester Yoga is one of my classes; and Yoga, I'm discovering, is the Bee's Knees. After my yoga class I usually feel all clear minded and limber. Somedays I walk in all Jam Packed 5 o'clock Traffic and by "Namaste" I'm 4am freeways; traffic free! Green lights baby, yeah! But all good things come to an end. And though there is still another half of a semester to go, I want MORE! MAWR!

I have a membership at L.A. Fitness and I've been trying to catch classes. Trying! 5 o'clock traffic and whatnot (and by "5 o'clock traffic" I mean the "snooze" button). So far I've tried out 3 different instructors and only like 1. Good News, right? Of course not. Turns out she was subbing in that day and normally instructs at a gym 30 minutes away. Me and my car get plenty quality time as it is. Well, I'm not quite sure my car would use the term "quality" since I like the radio volume high and try to top it; tone deaf style. So I continue my search for a Yoga Instructor that I like, or even a half decent one. A yoga instructor for people who don't get Early Bird Discounts at Denny's. No bueno, que no? 

I need a challenge. I like challenges. Challenge me. I dare you. *left eye twitch* 

Such was the attitude I carried on Wednesday. Thank you Mother Nature, hate mail is already marked for postage. It's a good thing by Friday I was all HappyCakes! I like the HappyCakes 'Tude.
Dear Universe, Oh, Universe so dear. More HappyCakes days. MAWR! Love, Me. And love me long time! ;) 
There is still a class at the LA Fitness by my work that I'm trying to catch. I hope the class/instructor is awesomesauce! And I checked out a book on yoga from the library so I can read up and get the most out of my yoga! Hell, maybe I'll even teach my own damn class! I do need the extra dinero.
Dear Universe, Oh, Universe that is so dear. Have you lost weight? You look great, no really, that's a lovely shade of sky you've got going there. I want to thank you for the job, getting paychecks is definitely lovely. Making DEPOSITS in the bank agrees with me. I'd just like to say good job, and lets snowball this bitch with the dividends! ♪ Don't you know I need that money in the bank! ♬ Remember, $NOWBALL! Keep up the good work, I know there is more where it came from. <3 Me.
I'm off now, I've got to listen to a break up story, finish stat homework, load in the laundry and prepare my lunches for the week because my gas is eating it.
Dear Greedy Gas MuthaFuckers. Stop being obnoxious and lower prices. You're shitting on our economy and wiping with the bills we spend on your crack. I'm tired of crying into my receipts, they are not tissue soft. Hatin' You, Me.


  1. Yay, you discovered yoga!! It sounds like you really like it. I hate to say this but my experience has been with yoga was the best classes are given at yoga studios. I had the same problem with classes at the gym, there was no consistency with instructors. I got fed up and stopped going to group classes. See if you can score yourself a free or super cheap pass to a yoga studio?

    gas prices are a b*tch. I was just saying that to my bf this morning.

    ~ Harlow

  2. yeah, what Harlow said. when I do go to yoga classes, I go to a corepower yoga studio. I need challenges, too.

    I'm trying to get the girl I'm training to do yoga with me! she keeps resisting me! I wanna push her down and tie her up in a pretzel knot! that'll teach her not to just do whatever I say when I say do it!

    p.s. $15store? soon?

  3. the only yoga i've ever done is the WiiFit yoga, but i do like that! :) glad to hear you've had such a fantastic day, here's to hoping it continues!! <3

  4. I. FUCKINGADORE! You. (:D Yes, really!)

  5. Lmao I hope your yoga class is awesome. I hear its great for the nerves and what not. I only wish my mind would stop racing long enough for me to focus though. XD

  6. Lol. I love you, girl. Your posts always make me smile. And i really love your letter to the gas stations. Lets print it out and send a copy to each gas corporation out there!

  7. I nominated you for versatile blogger award. Check out my blog for more details on it.


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