Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freeway Driving All the Day Long

There is no law against jotting and driving, right? All my awesome post ideas come to me while I'm driving. It's my me time. All this epicness, articulatity and thoughtful thoughts come flying at me and I'm catching them, all catchi-like, right? As soon as my car goes in park so does the articulousity.

Poof. Lost.

It's like I left my car in a 12 story parking structure the size of a country block, got drunk bar hopping and lost that ish! Only to realize it when I click on "New Post" and all I can seem to remember of the epicnousity that I was catching catchity catching style is a note on my pillow that reads, "Thanx for the AMAZING night. We should do it again sometime." And I'm like, "WHAT?! AMAZING?! HELLS YEAH BOI!! Wait... what happened?" And when I try to find the breadcrumbs back to my car, they're gone. Some fat fuck ate them (*cough* me) and I'm stranded.

But I have someplace to be! Some place of Articulousity and Thoughtful Thoughtyness! And it's suppose to happen right here in the blogosphere.

One of these days ladies, it's gonna happen. I'm gonna remember that AMAZING night and it's gonna happen again and again, like I am sure that AMAZING night was! And I'm gonna share them with you and your gonna be like, "Whoa," with your mouth agape, eyes peeled and hair blown back, "That was such the epicness. What articulatity. What thoughtful thoughts! Mind. Body. And Hair. Blown." And then your gonna click onto the next blog in your blogroll and forget all about me. Reality bites.

Speaking of reality and biting. I sure was biting today... and regurgitating the goodness. I almost went for the processed food. I had a box of cereal in my hand and I looked in side and then I was like, "NUNCA! Nunca me come este comida! NUNCA!" and I threw the box back and flew out of the kitchen and threw myself on my bed burying my face into my pillow sobbing! Just like the ladies would in the novellas I've been watching with my mom so I can try and learn espaƱol. (Don't google translate that sentence.) (Clearly, there is much to learn. Spanish is not a buried jewel in the blood waiting to be discovered. You have actually learn that ish. Big disappointment. HUGE!) Also, the ladies on that show are whales compared to their english speaking counterparts. Crazy.

That's all for tonight, I suppose. (Yeah, I know you didn't get anything but... let's just pretend!) I'm gonna try really hard to remember at least bits and pieces of my drive time pondering. I prolly would have had a better chance of it today if a moto police officer hadn't pulled up aside me and mouthed to "sul-LOW DOW-nnn!"

True Story.

(No love notes, thank gawd.)

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