Sunday, April 17, 2011


The cycle of vommery. I's in it. Well, in truth, I've never truly left it. The cycle will slow, slow to where I've even thought it stopped. But the thoughts of nomming and vomming continually entrap me. I need a exit plan! I need.... to jam the gears of this cycle and escape to witch mountain to Infinity and BEYOND!!

And until I figure that shit out. Or I find that trail of breadcrumbs that leads to a place where Champagne flows through waterfalls and Hot Muscley Men are pining for me. Just like it was in my dreams last night! Oh yee-ah baby! In other random and completely unrelated news, Restless Leg Syndrome is cured (temporarily I presume) by orgasms. Yes, that's right, good ole holistic medicine! Fellas, I need a fix. 

I'm never gonna look at shakey legged people the same. 

Oh shoot, MY leg is shaking. You see! You see! Before paragraph 2 that statement would not have been TMI! Now it's code for I-Need-To-Get-It-ON!

I digress (as per usual). I really gotta lose weight. I really gotta get this cycle of vommery to a halt! But, of course, the former is much more of concern to me than the latter because my thoughts are entrapped by The Cycle of Vommery. Which is a sub-cycle of The Cycle of Fuckery.

I need to drink more water. I need to... restrict.


Focus on work. Focus on school. Focus on... ah fuck! I gotta do laundry. I'm out... clothes are in need of going through their own cycling.


  1. It is a cycle. A horrible, horrible cycle. I'm kind of in a similar place: things have stalled, i feel good but lurking in the back of my mind is the knowledge that when things/life start getting stressful the cycle starts up again... it's been that way for 15? years (yeah I'm old). Dont know how to end it really.

    ~ H

  2. It is amazing what good an orgasm can do for a person.

  3. So that's why that uber religious girl i went to school with was always twitching her legs....
    Anyway, fuck that vomm cycle. You don't need it and you're so much better than it. You can kick it's ass right out of your life. Stay strong, my dear.

  4. This totally reminded me of Bridget Jones Diary: "Have replaced sex with food" kinda moment. ;)


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