Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Grumble

Today is Thanksgiving in the States. Dreadful day. It's basically a communal binge. The difference  between bingeing today and bingeing any other day is that today is socially acceptable. Before ED Thanksgiving was what it was and the word binge wasn't used very often. I guess I grew with the times.

An interesting day for us bulimics. If I play along, to be perceived as a normal binge I would have to tone down the binge and to truly binge I would leave observers disgusted and in awe of the gargantuan amounts of food that I could stuff inside my body.

I guess I should get ready for the awkward day ahead. I'm late but I could care less. I don't even want to go. I would totes pretend I practiced a religion that didn't celebrate holidays but then I'd have to keep it up all year and... well, fuck that.

I already binged and purged this morning from anxiety.

I'm disgusting.

Oh well. At least there'll be wine to go with my whine.


  1. Mmmm, winey whine.

    Have a good turkey day, hun. I hate the sound of that holiday D:

  2. i just discovered you!! i'm a fan!

  3. Project Ferret, all the way. Hollllaaaaa!


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