Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankgiving and Thanx4nuthin

So Thanksgiving is donezo and I'm oh so thankful that it is!

My Thanksgiving was okay. We had it at my mom's boyfriends house so, of course, being home alone and anxious that morning I nommed and vommed beforehand. Dinner portion was fine but then came Pumpkin Pie. And after that, the pumpkin bread. And then I was like fuck it and I had more and then some more of the spinach artichoke dip. We've already establish that I'm a stupid girl whose stupidity leads to gluttony and fat pants so I totes get it if you just yawned right now and what's to come will not be a shocker either.

After an hour long drive home the food had digested. At least up to the pie and the pumpkin bread. When I got home I nommed and vommed again. I told myself it was okay. It was the Nom & Vom to end the Nom & Voms of the year.

Today is day 1 of the next 36 to start forming healthy and skinny habits. Buckle down and get ferret. Today was protein packed! I did want to exercise and maybe I will still but Mother Nature gave me a gift today and the gift was Misery. I don't know the criterion that the bitch considers to be a "gift" but I'm pretty sure it's wildly different from my own. Mother Nature can just keep that shit for herself. I mean, WTF! I don't even want kids, my uterus is just a waste of space. (Obvy, the vagina stays. SOME lady bits are Good Times.) It was me, protein, a heating pad and my baby blanky today. No thank you Mother Nature, I'm not grateful for you. At. All. (today.)

So although I'm trying to be all RingInTheNewYearAllSexay I ate ALL DAY LONG TODAY! Horrible! But then I calculated and to my surprise... 1200 calories. Not bad!  1200 is high but acceptable for me, though I'd like to keep it under 1,000.

In other news, the Thanksgiving wine was AMAY-ZING!!! This last weekend my mom, my friend and I hit the wineries and discovered this gem of a recipe. The wine is put in a crockpot and kept warm with spices and stuff. Warm wine didn't sound delicious to me either when the wine guy (Phil) had recommended giving it a try. I almost passed! So glad I didn't. My mom duplicated the recipe for Thanksgiving so I was in warm wine heaven!

Sweet Wine Goodness makes for a happy girl!


  1. mulled wine is the shit, yo.

    even tho we both had ferret fail days, we still have 35 more to get our shit straight. lol

    come take the jar of peanut butter away from me, plz. now. k. thx.

    ferret ferret ferret.

  2. I have an early january deadline. Ugh. 36 days doesnt seem like a lot to get in shape, but it seems like so long when I remember thats how long it is until adams deployment is over. And he's going to come home and think i'm a disgusting cow if I don't lose all this gawdawful weight!

  3. heres to the next 36 days :)
    im down for this healthy/skinny session to start hahaa

  4. ZOMG I didn't know you could make mulled wine in the crock pot! We do it in a pot on the stove. . . NOT ANY MORE!!!!! I love you! *Glomps*

  5. it seems like the day i say I'm not going to eat anything is the day that I stuff food in my face.... we obviously need a new process!!


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