Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Truckin along...

So far today I've had a protein shake (130cals...25g of protein!) and coffee with a bit of skim milk because I'm hoping it will sate me and I can then put off eating longer.  I'm sitting in Panera, like I do every other Tuesday while my home gets spiffied (<--that's a word to me blogger!!! So stick a straw in that puppy and suck it!) (Red dotted lines beneath MY Flushiful words annoy me) (Clearly.) 

All pants are tight on me.  My eating is all over the place.  My exercise regime is improving. (like....I actually HAVE something to be called an exercise regime–I'm lazy. Get over it.) I am now doing the Slim in 6 video that my mom's friend lent me.  I'm convinced that if my eating were where I'd like it to be I would be dropping el bees like a a wet mango slice (minus the sticky floors and counter, I just can't get a grip on that slimy sweetness!).

My mind is fighting creepy crawly thoughts of food.  Endless battle.  It's like swatting gnats. Those little shitheads are annoying. 

I'm outtie 5000. 100 cal pack of Cottage cheese w/strawberry sauce is on sale at Albertsons for $1 and I want an iPhone 4 so....eat less save more! An Apple of motivation!!

Think Bikini!


  1. yes, eat less & save your money for something better than food!!

    spell checker gets to me too...

  2. I love those cottage cheese/fruit packs! They're perfect for meals because you know exactly how many calories they have, fantastic size, and cheap. :-)

    Good Luck with the exercise! I think it's easier the more you do it. No worries, you'll get there!

    Stay strong and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful thinspo pic. Alesandra Ambrosio has always been one of my main thinspos. Stay strong with the exercise. I know it's no fun; but it will bring you some nice results.

  4. hoorayy for exercise! so worth it in the end. everyday that you do, it makes it easier the next:)
    keep it up xo.

  5. Argh, evil spell checker.
    Gorgeous thinspo, by the way.

  6. "creeply crawly thoughts of food". Love it. I wish we could call in an exterminator.

    Oh and thanks for the jealousy, I think :P Tis not true, I'm not pretty at all in real life-too many strong features. And not skinny enough by far. But thanks love xx


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