Monday, June 14, 2010


So here is something new and different I've been playing YoVille. Lame, I know this.  But Magenta has been over ALL. THE. TIME. and she is addicted to this damn game so as the old adage goes, if you can't beat 'em join 'em.  It is a fun lil game since she gives me endless coins and we run amuck (we're crazies).  BUT most importantly it keeps my mind occupied. (so don't judge.)

There are some setbacks when Magenta is around like not really being able to exercise or do anything constructive really.  On the upside, I'm more accountable for the things I say when I actually have a real life person in my presence.  I told her I was doing only liquids "to give my digestive system a break" which is sort of true but we all know I just want to do damage control on eating like a Glutton.  I was doing the whole liquid thing for....well, the plan was to go 10 days but hours after she left on the 3rd day, I caved and ate all kinds of madness.  The next day we drank and more bingery ensued in the form of quesadillas and cheese pizza. And before she even showed I was stuffed full of Lay's Light Potato Chips with Fat Free Sour Cream + Onion Dip...and other stuff. Really Flushed? REALLY!?  You disgust me you evil little alter ego you!

Yesterday I had all liquids (including margaritas...Baja Bob's Margarita Mix <-Lurve.) and today so far has been only liquids though my tummy is grumbling. I may allow myself one solid meal today...I just don't know what and I have to choose carefully so that I don't end up eating the entire contents of the kitchen (which isn't much considering the past few weeks...). I just don't know.  I hate food. Nothing really tastes good.

I disgust me.


  1. Hello flushed my little love, has been a while, hasn't it? We seem to be in a similar place right now, you and I. Waking up hungry at 5am with a sloshy belly full of liquid love. Today I think I'm eating food, though preferably not much.

    Just so you know, I'm trying to be back, and thinking of you


  2. you did well to last that long, I'm such a wimp :') stay strong lovely and good luck :) x.


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