Thursday, August 12, 2010

Social Networks've Got Me By the Balls

So I now have a facebook (for Flushed aka Lina Aria...y'know, the REAL me!) and if you have one you need to friend me.'re getting sleeeeeepppyyyy, sooooo will follow the commands of allllllll that you are reeeeeeeeading.... You will friend on Faaaaccceeeboooook... you will acquire and maintain heeealthy haaaabits that will render your body thin and healthy, and your mind sharp and haaaaappyyyyyy....  you will send giftcard to the Apple store until your credit card is maxed and your bank account depleeeeeted.... when I type "snap" with some astericks instead of quotation marks you'll get to these commands ON THE DOUBLE!


I expect many friend request on Facebook from a lot of awesome people. (That's you. Reading this. Yeah, YOU!)

This message is brought to you in part by Kazehana over at Sudden Snow of a Cloudless Sky; she inspired me to join. We now continue with your regularly sporadical posting (both in mood and frequency).


  1. Dang girl I can't find you on there!

    : (

    I'd love to be facebook friends!

  2. You LIED!! :-( Massivelarge frownie face. Tried to find you and No Luck! And, damn... I was totally sending you those gift cards too. *snap* Mwahahaha.

  3. I too tried to find you and i think Imay have just messeged some random girl...whoops


  4. Mmm tried to find you too!
    Maybe post a direct link to your page, pretty please :)

  5. Wait, is this your for real for real facebook? Does that mean I should use my Ana alias? I don't want to screw you over by doing that. Just lemme know. Or, I'm Paix D'esprit on FB as well, so YOU can friend ME :D

  6. hey!! so i've finished reading ALL of your blog!!! and you're awesome and inspiring and all the rest you've done so well and genuinely trying to keep healthy and do it the right way - which in my opinion is restricting . . . if only i could follow suit. check my blog out if you can hun! xx


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