Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honest sCrap Ahead

I got an award! Harlow gave it to me! WOOT! WOOT! 

(proof! I really did, I'm just Making Stuff Up to Boost My Ego)

As the image suggest this blog is most deffo Honest! Honest to Ugly...hence the name (which I've been brainstorming of what to change it to...). Apparently some people thought I was a Trailer Trash Snaggle Tooth White Girl With a Peg Leg with 13 asses and chins cuz my truth is so ugly. I'm working on trying to pretty it up for y'all by doing the whole Life Thang and trying to get away from the whole Self Destructive Thang.


Here are 5 more Honesty blogs:

  1. Harlow (I know she's the one who nominated me but like...whatever, she's awesome, follow her! I especially like her blog because she makes effort towards getting thin in a mostly healthy manner, she exercises and doesn't just try and survive on licorice and saltines, she knows the value of a vegetable!)
  2. Kazehana (Her blog is private and I'm like VIP list Status cuz she's my Wifey B. AwesomeSauce. AND she's already been given the award by someone else which may or may not be against the Honest Scrap Rules but ...whatever! She wins cuz she's Tells It Like It Is!)
  3. Sar (She doesn't sugar coat shit either, ups and downs alike, if it happens, she delivers!)
  4. Quinn (So honest sometimes I read through my fingers.)
  5. Ophelia (Also received this award but what can I say? When you tell you tell it ALL!)
10 Random Things About Me:
  1. I am a lover of all vegetables except corn. In truth, I HATE IT!!
  2. The ceiling in my room is painted black (and I like it).
  3. I'm a drafter.
  4. My favorite color is red.
  5. I wish I could turn water into wine (or better: CHAMPAGNE!) (and calorie free!)
  6. I'm trying to learn more/be interested about politics by watching Real Time with Bill Maher. (Watch it, he's funny☺ and I'm not even smart/educated/informed enough [yet!] to even get ALL of his quips)
  7. I love jewelry.
  8. I'm an only child.
  9. I google EVERYTHING I'm curious about. EV-VER-RY-THANG.
  10. I need to be doing homework RIGHT. NOW.


  1. Oh how I often envy you lucky only-children!! I am one of six, and in the middle.

    I've wanted to paint my ceiling black for years, and then decorate it with glow in the dark stars and things, but Mum forbids it. She's still pissed that I painted my walls bright turquoise and deep violet. You have a pic of how your looks?

    Do your homework, young lady!!


  2. Someone else gave me one?! Did I miss that? I umm...yeah. I guess I better get on that shit.

    *blogs furiously*

  3. Thanks for the Honest Award, Flushed! Xo

  4. Mad props for me?! BOOYA!!!
    ha ha

    I can't believe you don't like corn. this fact... is seriously blowing my mind.

    All I can think of right now is that line "you want the truth? you can't handle the truth!"

    I'll take truth over rainbows and unicorns any day.

    ~ H

  5. You're so correct; and no, please feel free to speak your mind! I appreciate the fact that you put yourself out there to give me your thoughts that you feel would help me.

    I certainly agree with the fact that I need to be more precise with my measurements. It definitely is part of what contributes in whole to my disappointing lack of weightloss (in addition to the main contributor, my lack of structure and restraint on weekends). Thank you again for your honesty- this is certainly a reminder/wakeup call I need! :)



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