Sunday, January 30, 2011

Perseverence of The Hatey, by The Hatey, against The Hatey

As if it couldn't get any worse from the last post, oh it did. The following morning of that post I was greeted by Aunt Flo. So now I've got lesions on my face, continuous Flo, hormones jumping all over the Globe of Emo's, stretching in stretchy pants in front of a mirror with more than 20 others, and a mini speech. My Thursday was No Bueno Shit. Of course, I mustered through it all cuz I'm all about Gettin' Shit  Done-TwentyEleven Styley but damn.

So then was Friday and yesterday and today of the Noms and the Voms... and the Flo, and the lesions, and sadpants getting fatter... Rough week, yes?

As Sadtastic as this lovely week has been, the universe has denied me request of time and the world to stop, which means I better try and crawl out of my cave or turmoil and take some [achey] steps towards Operation: Ferret, Mission: Income, and doing homework. This next week won't be easy with the set backs of last week still present along with the damage of the NomVoms (btw, I totes stole this terminology from kazehana).

Tomorrow the Blood Type Diet Commences (a diet my hairdresser swears by), along with the week 1 diet of BBG (since I've mucked it up so badly). I'm not 100% sure that my blood type is A, but I think it is and I'm just gonna go with it cuz it's too much trouble to figure out what it is in a budget friendly fashion. I can see how people aren't so jazzed about this diet, it cuts out many foods. But I'm focusing on what I do have to work with! Cuz putting energy in negativity is counterproductive (Exhibit A: what this past week has done to me) and I've got my eyes on the prize. Ferret Bod here I come gawddamnit!

And the other stuff will follow. I notice that when I'm eating a healthy (and low calorie) diet I feel more inclined to exercise, and then I feel more incline to get dressed and do stuff. Even if it's homework or laundry, I just have more motivation to start checking things off my to do list (I'm a virgo-I have lists upon lists that are endless). I also feel less cravey and vomming actually sounds a bit ridiculous and wasteful of my time. So, basically....Healthy = Good. Groundbreaking, right?! First step always seems to take the most effort. *le sigh*


  1. I heard on a korean tv show one time that had a bogus anorexic character (I say bogus coz they diagnosed her as anorexic after only 3 days of not eating and no other criteria but that's a whole different whale of a tale) and someone told her that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body...

    I think this is somewhat true, like your brain gets a boost from whatever kindness you show your body. The extra nutrients perk it up and make it run smoother, even if it doesn't solve all the probs, it definitely helps with some things.

    Once Aunt Flo gets the fuck out of your guest room (and by guest room, I mean uterus), things will be even better. GV, wifey yoga pants.

    Capital ex, capital oh, capital ex.


  2. I've noticed that good quality "fuel" going in produces a better quality of energy out and more desire to be active. Lol, the two times I've had a pie for lunch in the last 6 years were definite sandout horrors of lethargy!

    My Uncle E's entire family does the Blood Type diet. I don't know if it works or not coz they've always been disgustingly healthy-looking and thin. (Bastards didn't get Campbell genes) Let me know how it goes, ok?

    *Sends some good-monday thoughts*

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