Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hate Everything!

I'm feeling very hatey at the mo. Exhibit A: The title of this post. Exhibit B: The herpes on my face. It pains me to say "herpes" more than it does bulimic. For those of you who are not in the Herpes Know let me fill you in on a couple things. First off, I hate you; because I'm feeling hatey (see: first sentence) and I'm insanely jealous of you. Secondly, herpes is not strictly caught through doing Inappropriate Things with Strangers. The Inappropriate Things with Strangers Type is typically found in the Nether Regions of the bod.

If I had the Inappropriate Things Type in my Nether Regions I wouldn't make a post about it, I'd be too busy crying. For me Unlucky began in childhood. I've gotten fever blisters since before I knew or cared how babies where made back when boys had cooties. And every time I get an outbreak I shake my fists at the Universe and slew an endless stream of derogative words! And then I say, "I'msorryIdidn'tmeanit. JUSTMAKETHEMGOAWAY!" I want the time to stop and the world to stop turning and hide under my blankey (yes, I still have one. Don't judge.) and cry and cry and cry until the hideousness disappears off my face.

I'm Nerdcore so when I have an issue I do research. Well, I'm Nerdcore to the power of Lazy and I googled that ish. Turns out most all the foods I've been eating are the loser in the Lysine vs. Arginine challenge. I'm suppose to be eating foods that have more Lysine and I'm doing the opposite. So now, I've got to revise the diet that felt so right. And by revise I mean take a Lysine supplement and see if that helps because I'm lazy and revising my diet would be effortey.

I am so sadpants right now. I have school tomorrow, a mini speech in Public Speaking Class and I have yoga. In all my sadpantsness I nommed and vommed. Which makes my pants even sadder. I wanted to vom more but my mom came home and the Hideousness on my mouth was getting irritated so I stopped. I want to take some lax tea so I can at least get empty but I have yoga tomorrow and.... if the lax should have bad timing.... well, best to just not risk it. Such a slap in the face, I've gotten nothing done productive since I felt it.


  1. I get cold sores, too, and the non-std kind. Mum gets them as well, and she swears by her lysine supplements. she's been taking them for years, and she NEVER gets cold sores.

    If you have a high pain tolerance, the most effective way to get rid of it fast is to just dry the f*cker right off your face with copious amounts of rubbing alcohol.

  2. OMG I get them too!!!!

    In fact I have one right now, as know you're not suffering alone. AND I just got over one 3 weeks ago...poo! :(
    The one I have now is on my lip and on my skin around the lip, so it's extra hard to try to cover up. I feel like I look like a crack whore.

    I always feel extra depressed when I get one of these nasty things. They are ichy and they hurt and then they always scab over and bleed! UGH!! I also get them in my nose too. Those are nearly as bad as the mouth ones, but they still hurt like a mother fucker.

    My husband has never had one, so I always want to punch him when I get one...just to make him feel my pain. LOL


  3. ahhh shitty.

    good call about skipping the lax though, yoga would probably be the worst place for it to kick in :s

    ~ Harlow


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