Monday, January 24, 2011

Caution: Speed Bump

NomVom happened last night. I think I did a good job on the Vom and the Nom was pretty healthy. Though it is bad, on a scale of bad to baddest the incident was low scoring. This morning I was .5 pounds more than the previous 2 days but what-the-fuck ever cuz today I'm back on my game, back on my Mission: Ferret Mentality and that .5 is likely water & shit. (Whoa, potty mouth much?) (Get it?! Potty Mouth?! Vom night?! At least give me a smirk.)

The Good Vibes you ladies sent me for school is fant-awesome-tastic! Because I got into all of my classes! School has commenced and and the line up of classes includes yoga! While the notion of contorting my body in various poses in spandex and in front of a large mirror with a sprinkle of tiny girls in the class is not so appealing (the comparison in that gargantuan mirror is most repulsive), the idea of centering, calming, stretching, and building lean muscle has me looking forward to the semester. Plus, I'm on my way to Super Ferret Status, so girls in the class are gonna be like "dai-yum! I want a bod like that!" in their minds when they're suppose to be concentrated on breathing causing them to fall over and I'll laugh because when people fall it's funny.

On a side note: Spin Pins work.

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