Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking Ahead

Today went better than expected. (For me, not my bank account.) I am taking steps towards a New Years Resolution that I had made last year and forgot to make this year (go ahead, call me Little Miss Procrastination-getting shit done is Getting Shit Done!).

I went to Ikea today. That and Michaels are heaven to This(!) creative girl! The plan in my head was to scope out the scene, get a few little organizer things and order Though Through Things online. But then I was headed to the check out line and I huffed out my chest like a rooster and crowed, "FUCK IT! Shit is goin' down TADAY! The time is NOW!" Sadly, the Vicky Secrets bra was not the decision I made this morning to support the girls so for the follow hour I fought with Heavy Ass Boxes, gave evil eyes to men passing by, and shook my fist at the sky and blamed the Gawds for my impulsive Git 'er Done attitude. (Surely, I am not to be blamed for such things.) I even worked up a sweat! Which is a win in my book cuz at the end of the day I am one step closer to getting my room together.

Now I just have to get my stuff put together....Heaven Help Me!!! Wine Be With Me!!!


  1. Anonymous4.1.11

    As long as you get it done..it doesn't matter how long you procrastinated! Way to go gurrl! Love reading your blog. :) & best of luck on your 2011 new years resolutions!

  2. oooooooh. I lovelovelove ikea. our entire house is a mixmatch of ikea/vintage finds and its bee-utiful, if I do say so myself. ikea is a creative heaven! :)

  3. Just been stalking your page for a bit now & wanted to say you're great!

  4. I love your sense of humour, your comments always make me smile!

    I think I may need to adopt your getting sh*t done attitude, i think it may be useful to me!

    ~ Harlow


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