Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slacker slash Productive, I does it.

I've been totes Slacker Status on the Gym Tip. It all started one bingey day and continued to today but will hopefully come to an end tomorrow. On the bright side, my room is really coming along (NYres2010). Amazing what a couple of pieces of furniture will do to help spruce up and organize my ity bity closet of a room. What's even more amazing, even Amazeballs, if you will, is the fact that I single handedly put together and move around these pieces of furniture AND (oh yes Friends, there is an "AND") I've even worked the power drill! (Go ahead and think it, I am awesome like that.)

In the way of food. Well. The NomVoms are certainly rearing their ugly 8 Headed FrogDragon self into 2011. However, 2011 is different in that I'm actually trying to be better. (Go me!) (Yes, I cheer myself on. Don't judge.) On the days that I don't NomVom I try and keep the cals in the 500s. Last year even a day of this seemed impossible, this year? This Year!? THIS YEAR(!) Shit Is Happening! Changes are being made! Saluté to 2011! Eleven is a Magical Number.

I'm looking forward to more Getting Shit Done for this weekend. In my room, at the gym, and away from the kitchen, now that my room actually resembles a closet used as a room, as opposed to a closet of a person who hates doing laundry and shoves all her earthly possessions in, I am finding it easier to stick my nose in a book and not in the kitchen cupboards. I'm even watching my tiny TV and sitting at my desk to blog. (Yes folks, this is Big News. Don't you doubt it for a second! I'm a Truth Teller and I Tell The Truth.)

Next week school starts. I'm on some waitlists, pray, chant, do a little dance, make a little love....however you do, vibe me, y'all!!


  1. oh, you know I'mma vibe you. hard.

    also, I want someone to come organize my room for me so I can continue to not do it myself.


    I got rid of all those can I still have too many clothes?! the face of addiction is so ugly. *headdesk*

  2. I'm impressed with the power drill use!

    and the putting together ikea furiture

    and the book over kitchen cupboard :)


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