Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd day is a....char

broiled BITCH! Started of just fine and then went down the toilet. Only on the 3rd day and I go and NomVom. Curse the curse-ed Noms! I can't hate on the Vom too bad tho, it is saving my ass from outgrowing my jeans. But oh well, hiccups happen and I'm moving on with Mission: Ferret.

Bouncing back y'all! I'm gonna do it.

Fat Pants No More!!! Eyes on the Prized Ferret Body!


  1. I don't think I have very many bad things to say about the Vom part either right now, lol.
    Nomming sucks though :(

  2. two ferrets went frolicking in the snow, one ran too fast and stubbed her toe.

    "goddamn!" she cried and the other stopped to see how swollen that toe might be.

    ferret one said to ferret two: "go on without me, I'll meet you soon,"

    but ferret two just shook her head, "shut up, gimpy or I'll bite you dead."

    applause, please.



    ferret status forever or until middle age makes it less attractive than it used to be.


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