Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bad Planning

Friday.... hah! No starting on Friday Starters up in here! Let us count the ways in which Friday Starting was a bad idea. 
  1. Mom leaving. Empty house means loneliness which results in emotions. Bad News Bears.
  2. Holiday Weekend. Holidays mean Crazy Food Environments in which one of many ramifications include anxiousness to the max.
  3. Period on the rise. 'Nuff said.
There ya have it, 3 good reasons why Friday resulted in NomVomminess. Oh well. Starting back at one today. The second. A Saturday. Day one of the Red Tide. During a holiday weekend. Let us not count the ways in which this is not a recipe for success. This road is going to be long, hard and slow. Long, Hard and slow in a Non Pleasurable way. 

Anyhow, I did start counting my calories in a guestimatey sort of way and I'm at an upwards of 1800-2000 cals these past 2 days. (Prevom on Friday) That's crazy right? (Rhetoricle.) It is indeed. I could share with you the endless Talks of Dissapointment and Disgust that I had with myself but I'll spare you. Partly because, they didn't happen and mostly because that's just eye pollution for you. What I am gonna do is all I can do. Look forward.

Clearly, better meal planning needs to take place. Being a vegetarian and trying to avoid processed foods coupled with Being The Laziest Girl On Planet Earth makes meal planning a bit more on the efforty side. Try no processed food for a week, I challenge you! GO! Just kidding, do what works for you :) What is going to start working for me (because I'm going to make it a habit) is preparing food for the week. I did fairly well the last two weeks of prepping lunches for the week but there is room for improvement. Like minding my calories by preparing more low cal foods like eggwhite salad and incorporating lots of vegetables. Which means I'm going to have to get better at picking out vegetables in the store. I tend to go for vegetables that are frozen or prepared for you. LazyPants.

Also! Exercise! Getting to the gym. I'm going to shoot for 2-3 mornings at the gym which means I'm going to really have to get good rest at night. I've realized what helps me sleep better is being prepared. I wake up easier when my clothes are clean, my gym bag is ready, my lunch is ready to roll and oddly, when my room is clean and the dishes are washed. Cleanliness and organization does something magical to the psyche. Even if I stay up a little later than I wanted, when everything is prepped and clean, the rest is restier. 

Not trying to move mountains or anything with getting better. I'm trying to be reasonable and make small changes. Although I would love to wake up skinny and perfect tomorrow, with a life all healthy balanced and streamlined that shit just ain't gonna happen, and if it did, it's unlikely that it would happen for very long. Fit and healthy and thin is what I long in the long run. I'd much rather be healthy and thin and fit in a year for many years than thin in a month and fat the month of two after that. It's clear that I can't keep up this crazy ED charade without being unhappy.


  1. Turn your food into an art form...that helps me a lot. I make my food creations really pretty and different every day, which makes them easier to want to eat if I'm in a *nooooo!! food is evillll!!!* kind of mood, or easier to control the portion sizes when I'm in a *ommmgggggg eatttttt everrrryyyythingggg* kind of mood.

    I feel like starting on a friday is always bad coz the weekend kind of fucks up your routine/schedule somehow. Mondays work even tho it seems silly.

    Go, go wifey plans!

  2. Ok, so you had some not so good planning before, but your planning now sounds good enough to make up for that! Stay strong and determined. You can do it, and we both know that.

  3. No processed food? No instant coffee? I'm to poor to get the real shit! I'd fail before the first half-hour of consciousness was up.

    Small changes pile up before you know it :) You'll get there.



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