Friday, July 8, 2011

A win is a not lose.

Rather unsuccessful at failing this week, which is a win. I put effort into not failing, though it's more of a Win Week by default. I did not exercise as much as I'd liked to and I overate some days.

Non-losing aspects of this week: I ate healthy foods; that I prepared. (Preparation is bonus points!) I did some intervals workouts... okay, like a half of an interval or two... Moving > Not Moving. (Default Win.) I kept the house clean, which had me feeling good when I woke up each morning.

I'm kind of proud of Not Failing this week considering: I'm on my period, My mom is out of town (free to nomvom in peace), and I was constipated all week. ALL WEEK! I'm five days pregnant with shit, which is Poo Time is quite significant. I finally bought some laxies today after work and hopefully by tomorrow in the AM I'll have.... delivered.

Non poopery is a sign that my digestive system is fucked, my metabolism is about as quick as a snail in molasses. And let's not even get into my relationship with food, the mirror, and numbers.

Bulimia is no way to live and a slow road to dead. Trying to find a reasonable detour to get back to Life Boulevard.


  1. Well done miss. Yay to not failing!

  2. Your so right, default wins are just as good as outright ones!

  3. success at failure= win! HAHA that's funny.

  4. I love everything about this post. I am so glad that you are choosing the healthier route to Life Boulevard. I'm doing the same. It's a daily struggle and I've been in recovery for over a year. Crazy to think about... So worth it. You have my admiration and hope for a better life. :)


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