Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Who is stepping forward? THIS GIRL! (I'm pointing at me. Like a Champ.) (CHAMP!) 

In my blue suede shoes!

Okay, maybe not that last part, but if I blue sued pumps, I may or may definitely rock them and point at myself. Point at myself like a Champ. I suppose a Champ In Training would be more accurate. 

I continue to progress. I may have NomVommed on Sunday but 1 day out of 14 is definitely a huge improvement. HUGE. I've also been exercising (however minimally) just about everyday. I eating healthy, balanced and homemade without getting cray cray. I've been more social (cue: gasp). And I'm seeing improvements in my overall physique. DO YOU HEAR THAT SCALE?! FUCK YOU! I'M IMPROVING!


Bitch Scale is stubborn. And mean. As are my clothes.... so basically this means that my body is just reshaping. Whatever. I'll take it. Improvement is improvement. Curves > Lumps. True Story. Plus, I'm eating and I'm not vomming. The best is yet to come. I'm building muscle, I can tell because I feel stronger. Not like The Hulk Status, for the record. My fat is starting to join Team Muscle. Or die. Either way. I'm not losing.

Since I had a good week (health-wise) today I started jogging. I don't jog, you guys. This is Big. I'm following one of those beginner runner training mabobbers. Today was day 1. I'm alive. So far, so good. Onward to Day 2.


  1. Congrats (: i love jogging. i need to start again! its fun to find someone to go with you, especially since you're being more socially open!
    all my love

  2. Anonymous18.7.11

    I used to hate jogging but since we got a treadmill i run everyday, its addictive :) good luck! much love Jx

  3. I'm thinking long and hard about quitting B/p-ing. still in the planning phase. I'm having a hard time. I identify with your blog lots, so thanks


  4. I went short shopping today and they were SO unforgiving... I'm SO proud of your progress!

  5. Jogging is a beautiful thing, as hiddeous as it may seem at first. After you build up to it, you'll get a "runner's high" whenever you're done running. It's really fabulous, as is the overall toning you get from it! Sounds like you're doing really great though. Keep it up! Love you!

  6. Curves ARE better than lumps, I'm never been curvy myself, just lumpy and bumpy. Ew.

    Great work jogging.

  7. Despite the ED/body issues, I think curves are pretty delicious. Just sayin...

    You're fabulous!! Keep moving forward. <3



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