Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bombs over Bagdad

I'm hitting this shit from ALL OVER!

I'm a force.

That's right depression, I'm gunning for YOU!


And I think I'm winning the fight.  Victory will be mine. Mine. MIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

What's changed? (Other than the obvious fact that I'm actually trying and using exclamation points, that is.)

  • Cried it out.
  • Reached out to friends (well, to hang out & be social–snotting up with the friends? Not if I can help it.)
  • Dieting/Restricting again (I'm making Cabbage soup RIGHT NOW to keep my appetite at bay AND I'm drinking Green Tea AND I've been drinking water like the secret ingredient is crack.) (A force.)  
(Just in case you weren't "in the know" that is the secret ingredient in Doritos.) 
(Crack. Not water.)
  • I'm bringing Diet Pills back in the game (SlimQuick)
  • Visiting the Doc to fix the body (maybe the mind but I have to find a Psychiatrist/Psychologist through insurance)
  • I'm taking an anti-depressant (Zoloft) (Prescribed–I'm not a criminal) (Just sayin'. If you are, I'm cool with that, not judging.) (Just don't rob me, deal? Deal.)
  • I'm trying :) (Yay!)
So I don't which one of these is responsible for the gaeity happening upstairs, but I'm liking it.  It's good. I'm doing laundry right now. LAUNDRY. 

A force.

So suck it! Depression.

You're goin dooooooowwwwwnnn!!!


  1. Oh noes! You spelled Baghdad wrong!
    Forgive me, I'm a stickler for spelling.
    Nothing personal, dear.

    Way to go, telling depression to suck it. And whoever that headless chick is in that pic has one hell of a body. Her arms are as much as an inspiration as Jillian on the Biggest Loser. I just started watching that show, and I was surprised at what a great motivator it proved to be. I'll do my little exercises while checking out the episodes on hulu. I just wish I could be as productive while watching some of the other shows I love ha ha
    But I have to pay attention to those pesky story lines and plot twists and crap.

    I know you'll feel better soon!


  2. hey! i'm new to your blog. thought i'd comment because i recently made a similar post. i'm right there with you, trying again :)

  3. *fist pump* This got me particularly motivated. Are you my personal motivational speaker? I bet you're not cheap (har har).

  4. I'm on a mission as well... Good luck with yours darling.
    And diet pills are my best friend lately.

  5. exercise = endorphins (happy drugs)

    keep us apprised soldier ;)

    xoxo zen

  6. wonderful to hear there's an extra hop in your step :)

  7. Oh I'm so glad to know this! I didn't like reading you were sad and not being able to do anything about it. I hope it sticks. xx

  8. i loved this post! im glad to hear your doing great and kicking depression in its old, hairy balls!
    i tagged you!
    and im giving you the sunshine award! because lets face it, your pretty kick
    there must also be crack in chocolate because i can never get fact im jonesing for a fix right now.

  9. Wicked post!!
    *high five*
    You actually made me happy as reading this.
    Thanks for the cheer up glad you are getting on the wagon. Best wishes.
    xo xo

  10. woohoo!

    ps you seem to have a real talent for writing. just thought i would tell you.

  11. Just wanted to let you know, I changed my blog address:

    Thanks for following me!

  12. don't be depressed... you're going to be beautiful :)

  13. best post I have read all day!!
    keep it up.

  14. Sweetie I gave you a sunshine award! I can't believe you don't have one already but I can't find any evidence of it. Check it out on my blog (whenever you return from...wherever it is you've disappeared to).


  15. YOU CAN DO IT!
    I miss you, baby. We need to email more often, because yeah. :( And if you ever need someone who knows about the restrict/binge/purge dealio, I can drop you a number to txt me at. It helps to be happy when you're not alone!

    Plus, I think the cure for sadness is giggles. And I make HORRIBLE jokes, proudly.
    So yes.

  16. Anonymous29.4.10

    where are u?!


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