Friday, April 30, 2010

I'd like to dedicate this one to the Homies

(I'm so gangsta.)

(Gangsta with an "a," not "er" cuz I'm street!)

(okay, not really.)

(I'm really a NINJA!)

(Hi-YA! I was gone so long because I was on a secret mission being all Ninjafied and cool! Kicking asses and taking names!)

(In my mind.)


I totally got a Sunshine Award!!
(cue: applause)

Actually I got 4 because I ran away from blogger for the past few weeks so a couple of those where kind of pity awards because they didn't know about the others...

 (but I'm  still gonna take it! And jump up, jump up and get down!! Jump around! Jump Around!! Jump! Jump! Jump!)

So these are the lovely bloggers with the sweetest words EVER! EVER!!

Mental Vomit (What if Summer...)
Leak (Embre aka Meg)

I'm pretty sure everybody reads their blogs but if you aren't well you recommend that you start! And while on the subject of blogs to read here are 5 more...

Control (Pretty Wreck)
Savory & Sick (Savory Sweet)

I could give you like 20 more but... rules are rules and the rules say 5 and I'm super lazy.  I'm pretty sure all of these bloggers have already received this award so I'm not going to comment on their blogs to let them know I gave them this award because I'm super duper lazy.

I totally want to thank those who gave me this award because these people are amazing (broken record much?).  You all said the SWEETEST of the SWEETEST words about me! It was like a calorie free chocolate macadamia cookie the size of Alaska, crunchy on the edges and soft and warm on the inside.  I was actually loving that this award got around because I found soooo many new and fabulous bloggers!! (I live under a rock.) (Don't judge.)

AND THEN.... Crazy Questions I was tagged by Meg!

1. what one food do you miss more than anything else? 
Pizza! Ooey-gooey fatty cheesy, deep dish pizza!

2. if you could turn any one person fat , who would it be and why? 
Megan Fox, I don't like her attitude.

3. do you look at food porn? and if so what are your favorites? 
Yes! PIZZA!! All different flavors. Okay and the BJ's website and the CPK website....I'm a sucker online menus with pictures.

4.what is your greatest memory from when you were younger? 
Playing with my best friend after school everyday (trampoline, play catch, play kick, draw, race down the steps... never bored, the possibility were endless!)

5.what is your favorite smell? (ex: mine is the smell right before a big storm in springtime)  

Beside Vanilla. I like the smell of Orange Blossoms and I like the smell of the air after the rain (the sound too).


  1. Ah, pizza... There was a page of Pizza Hut coupons on the kitchen table, and I pined for their stuffed crust. I may not be anorexic, but I am still managing to be vegan, which probably has just as many limitations (and fewer laxatives, as far as I know).

    "Food Porn" just screams American Pie to me. And I've never even watched the fucking movies.

    Orange blossoms are the greatest things on earth, and I am glad you appreciate them as much as I do.

    I'd ask about your absence, but I fear I might wind up with a ninja star in my skull if I do...

    I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight.

  2. JESUS I thought you'd DIED! I noticed you started following me on twitter and I was gonna try and contact you on there and be like ah-ha you ARE alive! But I thought that might be a little stalkerish.

    But yes, sod it, I stalk you. I love you. I'm glad you're back. I want one post for every day you've been absent to make up for it please.



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