Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vom & Nom Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The Vom & Nom, FamBam Weekend fiasco is now in session! I have been mom pressured into coming up to my cousins house for a family four day weekend. I'm not even 24 hours into it and I'm ready to hitchhike my way back home.

Last night we had Costco pizza and peanut butter rice crispy treats.
This morning I had a smoothie, a muffin, pb crispy treat, and yogurt.

There are 10 adults, 3 kids (9-12), and 3 babies under one roof. Good times. The personalities and the food require much toleration on my part, as I'm sure you ladies can imagine. On the bright side we all sort of do out own things. We eat sporadically for the most part since we all eat differently, my sis and her hubby are on a diet. It's well-known that I eat it's just a hodge podge cluster fuck of crazy.

I don't know how I'm going to survive this weekend. Keep nomming and vomming? Probably. I'm so use to my solitude. To be around so many people for 4 days straight has me feeling like I'm going to either jump out of my skin or go Ostrich and stick my head in the ground until it's over.


Let's see if hanging by the pool will effectively waste time. Maybe even go in, since melting seems to be the alternative.

*Vom all I can, but, of course, I always want more!


  1. wifey von gotta keep some of that food in you, like, find some broccoli or something.

    ALSO, swim laps. It relaxes your central nervous system while toning you up. Super bonus.


  2. Oh good golly, that sounds intense. So many people D: I'd help you if I could! But I'm in short supply of a swat team. Sorry ;(

    Good luck with the last couple of days!

  3. I hate being mom-pressured. That's the worst! I hope you make it through this weekend, somehow! It sounds pretty intense, what with all those people :/ Stay strong!

  4. breath. smile. digest a little and forgive yourself. be kind to yourself. and those around you. jesus, i should have taken my own advise this weekend if only i had the internet where i was. HOLIDAYS ARE THE WORST! WHOOOO THANK GOD IT IS TWO MINUTES INTO is OVER!

    When i got back I rewarded myself for going through the horrors that was my weekend with pizza and purging. damn it, now my throat hurts from that (and from crying and screaming).

    Tomorrow! Tomorrow is going to be a HEALTHY DAY! Right?


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