Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flicker of Light

I was greeted by a frowny faced mom last night who needed a hug. The shower in her bathroom has leaked to the point of a squishy carpet in the corner of her room. I didn't think too much about the situation, only cuddling up in my bed for a goodnight's sleep. I didn't realize the effect the situation would have on me until it was the middle of the night and I was trying to wash my hands after going to the bathroom. Not even a drip.

The water in our house is turned off, so preceding and following showers and flushing the lever controlling the water to the house must be turned up and down. As exciting as this all sounds, it gets better. When my mom got home she informed me that she is getting a whole new bathroom, which means that construction will be happening in our home for the next month. I'm sure you are well aware of how uncomfortable it is to have strange construction people coming in and out of your home. Especially, when it is in either the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Furthermore, since my mom's bathroom is being renovated she will be using my restroom. Which means, I'm going to have to be a little more conscious of the vomming that goes on in there. I go through so much toilet paper cleaning up after each spew. A MONTH. 

I suppose this is as good a time as any to stop the nom&voms. I really need to get my shit together. Yesterday there was a spark. Something to look forward to. My study buddy for one of my classes is applying to a summer camp in Italy. I WANT TO DO IT! I haven't had the opportunity to really look into yet (she only told me y'day, gimme a break!), from what she tells me we would be speaking English to the kids and there is an option to stay in an apartment or with an Italian family (I'd choose the family). The camp is during the week and on the weekends I'd be free to Rome. 

Wine tasting and Italians? Yes Please. In fact, I'll take a double.

This is the first thing I have looked forward to in so long. I can't even remember the last time I felt actual excitement of anything.

I want this. I will have this.

First things first. Gotta kick the bulimia. 

Also:  Must. Get. Skinny.

Oh yeah, and I need a job and find out what I need to get done to apply for this. I might need to volunteer with *gulp* children, and get CPR certified.



    LOL DO IT.

    I would LOVE to read about what summer camp is like in Italy. And CPR is a cinch. It's common sense shit, and the best part about it is that in a real life emergency situation, CPR is only actually done on people who are technically already dead (not breathing, no pulse, unresponsive=dead). What's the worst you could do? Kill 'em more? GO FORTH AND ARTIFICIALLY RESUSCITATE!

    I'm stoked for the future of Flushed in a Foreign Country.

    P.S. Sharing a bathroom sucks. I sympathize.

  2. i'm from italy!! :)

    hope this project of going to this summer camp,will help you find the strenght to get rid of the bulimia! and get skinny as well,if this is really what you want!

  3. do it!! both italy and ridding yourself of bulimia!!

    kids aren't so bad & CPR is easy...plus most camps make you carry a kit with a cheat sheet anyway :)

  4. That would be so fun! mmm Italia!

    Good luck! Hope everything works out :)

  5. Go to Italy!!! I'm jealous - I've wanted to go to Rome for aaaaaaages.

    And yay for trying to kick the bulimia!

    You can try to make the most of the construction. Bathroom renovation = possible hot construction workers. In your house. All the time. :D


  6. The bathroom in the houes that i'm now living in is the exact same way. They keep saying they'll get it fixed, but.... yeah... not happening.
    I hope you get to go to italy though. It sounds absolutely lovely.

  7. Nooo, randoms in your house D: How awkward.. Hopefully they'll just get in and out quickly.

    Ohh, that's sounds so freakin' awesome! Hope you get it. You better :P

  8. ooohh hope you are able to go to Italy!

  9. omg i lived in italy for a while!!!! totally beautiful!!
    staying with the family is best, because i guarantee you they will be super duper nice, and they will totally cook awesome low cal food (sometimes, not-so-low-cal food, only occasionally) for you, and i SWEAR that eating gelato every day will not make ou fatter! au contraire!!
    lol and it tasted soooo good too:)
    i love that country so much!
    good luck!

  10. Oooh Italy sounds so fun! I hope you're able to do it!

  11. I tried to respond to this through my phone and it was acting like a tard and not being down. I cannot remember exactly what I said but I think I said:

    Hey Red why hadn't you told me about this. I got all green and upset because you didn't divulge this piece of exciting news to me. To get back at you I'm going to text you with several random sexual words.

    It will be like I have iPhone tourette's.


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