Monday, November 23, 2009

Let me count the ways...

that I have failed.

or not.

Yeah. I'm voting for not. So I won't, since this is a Flushocracy, so what I say goes!

(Can you tell I'm an only child?)


And also, I'd rather not just kick myself when I'm down.  Or twist the knife that's already engorged in my gaping wound.

(Dramatic much?)

(Viva la Flushocracy!!)

So, like I said, I've failed.  Or got a D. I'm voting for D, since D is "need improvement" and I am in some serious need.  (Clearly.)

I tried to incorporate the carbs, I tried to incorporate the dairy (outside of eggwhites) and that has essentially been the decline on the whole diet front.  More and more, I keep reaching for said food over the veggies and fruits that have done my body good and it's got to stop.

Not fighting an incredible urge to reach for the eject button on the calorie keeper?

I know not of this Fantasy of which you speak.

(seriously, a literal eject button on the convenient would that be!!)

(You See!! These are the "D" rated thoughts that need improvement!!)

("D" for disordered.  Nice.)

I digress.

I need a reformation! Since these problematic foods are no longer in my kitchen (I wish I could tell you I threw them in the trash.)  I've decided with the help of my bloated belly and acidic taste in mouth to not buy them  anymore.  These items are addicting and causing me distress.  DIE DEVIL BIRDS!!

From now on, it's Vegetables.
It's Fruits!
It's nuts. It's eggwhites. It's WOOTS!!
It's woots for healthy!
It's woots for "A's"!
It's cheers for days that go my way!
I'll be Fabulous!
I'll be Thin!
I'll wear tiny clothes that fit!

(I think my watermelon was spiked.)

(And I like it.)


(Or I'm delirious and light headed.)

(Either way.)

So anyhoodle, Thanksgiving is Thursday and I'm going to Visalia and that makes it harder because I won't have the sanctity of home to run to.  And I'll have lots of drinking and lively conversation and dranking to participate in.  So that sucks.  I mean, y'know cuz alcohol has calories and stuff.  Some things in life are just wrong.

Like writing essays.


Okay, I have to write an essay now.  Pray for me, I suck at essays.


  1. Bread is my WORST enemy lately.
    Good luck, lovely!

  2. For me it's.. dairy. That whole dairy family needs to die I think.

    But yes, goodluck for Thanksgiving! Also, dont drink beer, drink like.. spirits. I'm sure that's better somehow?

  3. Healthy is happy. A digest eject button? Awe I love that idea, if only. I like that you try and focus on the happy and not on the negative. I've been missing your posts and inspirations. Stay strong my lovely!

  4. I want an eject button on my tummy! I can't even purge, so think of how friggin happy that would make me... Wow... We need to invent something like that. Lol.
    I don't think alcohol should have calories either. Hmm. Perhaps there's something else we need to invent: calorie free alcohol.
    We'll just have to put on our inventing caps and get to work, won't we? Lol.
    Stay strong, hunny. Your posts always make me smile

  5. Viva la flushocracy! Viva! VIVA!!

  6. love the thinspo, my worst food enemy is anything mexican. i loooove anything mexi food related.

    hmmm id want my digest eject button on my ear lobe , so that it could double as a stylish earring.

    hang in there, just stay positive and i know you will get an A.


  7. i was thinking up a nice supportive comment but then you mentioned watermelon and now i can only think i needs to get me a watermelon because that sounds nice

    so we shall go with a cliche, stay strong xx

  8. Anonymous24.11.09

    just started reading your blog as i love reading about everybodys journey. these pages are the only place i can show this part of my life. feel free to comment on my blog

  9. Aww look at you! You just proved that you didn't fail because you found a new plan. Cheeky little thing.

    You make me giggle and smile, which is a good thing because it's cloudy here :)


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