Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks for Nothing

I thought I could handle this long weekend away but I can't.  Stress and anxiety and food, food, food have not done a body good.  I would have been better off at home.  I can't wait to get back to put an end to this growing snowball of doom & gloom.

I have been trying to do a smidge of exercise. Lunges and sit-ups to remind my muscles that I need them and I want them there.

The weekend had penalized me days of steps back with it's sweet trickery.  The wheels in my head are turning, to plan the best way to undo the damage.

I'm thinking of daily doses of exercise DVD's and healthy balances of mini meals.  Diet Pills.  Water.  Whatever is gonna get me there.

My throat hurts.

Cheers to better days and surviving the holidays.

(Read: I still have an inkling of hope.)


  1. Holidays are horrid, but we can do it! Just keep on trying.

  2. Thanksgiving was a nightmare for me, so I'm planning majorly ahead for Christmas!


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