Monday, May 24, 2010

Looking Forward

After a particularly damaging fall it is time for me to pick up the pieces and get back on some sort of path to Thindom.  Initially, of course, I had this fantastically ED'd plan of starving and torturing myself for the rest of the day, the week, the life. I'm a forward thinker. Clearly.  This however alluring it may be is merely a path of destruction.  Been there, done that.

PrettyWreck snapped me out of my disordered mind and got me thinking of reality. (Funny how each of us can give amazing advice and yet...well, y'know...) A balanced diet and exercise.  This is what I need to make amends with my body and *finger crossed* get some peace of mind.  I still haven't really thought of all the details.  I like to have guidelines otherwise I get carried away one way or the other and end up bent over the toilet trying to slide my hand down my esophagus.

It's not pretty.

I want pretty, it most certainly is not here today. May not be here tomorrow but one day it will be and each day I will take one step closer to that day.


  1. You'll get there! This is why we keep talking :3 It makes it EASIER to keep shit in line! It makes it easier to stay on path. We'll both get to that thin finish line (ahahahahaha, multiple entendres...sadly none of the are sexual. Oh well!)

    We will do this! HOORAH!
    And you can make it there. I know you can. Because, while it may be AWESOME as a pick up line, the talent of being able to swallow your whole hand is really not applicable to regular life.

    Unless, of course, you want to become a porn star.
    Then by all means, you could potentially have an AWESOME resume...
    LOL XD

  2. exercise like 30minutes a day and stuff yourself with veggies-it works xD
    but don't forget the protein, I recommend tofu :)
    you can do it without Mia, "yes you can!" ;P

  3. you are going to get there!!!!


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