Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skinny Varies

I was reading Harlow's blog and she mentioned that there was a comment about her weight loss and while she likes that her hard work is paying off and she is getting noticeably thinner it also stings a bit.  She said that she couldn't help but think that she was So Huge before.

I'm sure we've all been in this very situation but it didn't remind me that there are varying levels of skinny.  It's a stretch in the way of thinking for us all or nothing gals! As skinny as we get there is always skinnier, there is always another pound that could be lost, another inch to cinch. It made me think.  How skinny do I want to be? I'm 5'3".  At what point will I cross the line from adult to teen to childlike?  How far do I want to go?

Sometimes I see petite teens or "tweens" and a pang of jealous swims through me. Not "normal person" think but I think it nonetheless.  It's difficult talking about weight and bodies with people because, of course, I want to be perceived as "normal."  Sometimes the conversation goes to "too skinny" and there I sit biting my tongue and wondering what they will say when I lost 10, 15...25 pounds?

I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...

In other news, you're comments made me feel all warm and fuzzicles inside.  I was surprised to see that my absence has been noticed!! I have time between a month, I think.  I'll be a better blogger for that month at least!




  1. Oh it was definitely noticed ya egg head. Tsk motherfuckin tsk.

    I have the same thought when I look at teenage girls. I often wonder what others think I'm doing as I stare at them.

    There are huge varying degrees of how we each perceive skinny vs fat. I, for a fat..I mean fact, was fat. I weighed 185. I see blogs where HW was 140's. I scoff.

    Once again, perception.

  2. Good thoughts on perception. Made me stop and think for a second. <3

  3. course you absence was noticed especailly when it got warm here (in my opinion) and i had a little laugh to myslef that you would probz be wrapped up in your woolys shivering aways whilst we are swimming in rivers (well maybe that sjust the drunken teens lol)

    love xx

  4. Yes! i weigh less now than when i was a teen, but i am "fatter" can that be...i just don't get it. And those young teens. i know them soooo well. Sigh. And what is up with this new can i get ti a "real" doctor's scale without an appoint ment? Obssessded, me?
    i am NOT hungry, right?


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