Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Thursday and I'm still alive!

I'm soooooooooo tired!!  And I'm sooooooooooo glad it's Thursday night which begins my weekend.  My weekend of studying like a beast for Finals on Monday and Tuesday.

Maybe.  Maybe I'm not AS soooooo for Thursday as I thought.

But I still am pretty glad, this week has been busy and now I'm on the straightaway.  Now time is mine to focus on studying as opposed to juggling assignments for classes.

Good Things happened today.  I received 8 weeks worth of unemployment checks (money in the bank)!!!! Still a month to go but I have faith that the checks are in the mail!  My math teacher gave us where we are at grade-wise and I have a 95% AN "A" Y'ALL!!  If my calculations are correct (which they probley are since I'M GETTING AN "A" IN MATH!!!) I have to pull at least a mid "C" to keep my "A."  My classmates and I are getting together to study the night before.  A few people from my Sociology class are also getting together before the final to study too.  This is Geek Good News I'm not a Lone Ranger on the Finals Battlefield!

Trying to survive the holidays.  There is food everywhere and it's difficult to be around but I'm surviving and pretending to be a normal person and maybe one day I won't have to pretend anymore.

You listening Santa? Here's a recap: A's, $$ and Normality.


  1. Heh, Congrats with the $ and the "A" hunny!!!

    And don't worry about the holidays; just keep you eyes on the price and not on the trolleys of food!

    Love Cille

  2. Congrats on the A! Math was never my strong point. I've been getting better at it since i've started counting Calories and calculating BMI and all that fun stuff. Lol.
    Stay strong. Holidays are hard, but you can do it!

  3. Hooray!!

    Tell Santa he can send me the same thing too :)


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