Saturday, December 5, 2009

And Breath-HOLD IT!

Last night I said to myself, "Tomorrow is gonna be a better day.  Tomorrow things will work out and I'll be okay."

Some of you have been reading my blog for a long time (hug-hug! kiss-kiss!) and know the money situation (Yes, each word linx a diff post).  So today, finally I had a phone interview with an unemployment person and I'll be getting checks in the mail again!! Yippee!!!  For 3 and half months I've been watching my savings account slowly shrink so you can imagine how relieved I was this morning after I got the news!

Whew! Glad that stress is over.

One stress down. 2,482,108,333,375,293 to go.
(give or take one.)

And eating wise I'm overloading on protein from now on because I'm losing hair like crazy.  And nuts too, need more omega-3's.  Oh yeah and I probably should be consuming more calcium too and see if my period comes back?  Scratch that last one, reproduction is over-rated.

(I saw a video.)

(I cannot be convinced otherwise.)

ED - 2, Flushed - 0.


And as for the comments on the last couple jolly ole posts....  Have I told you all lately that I LOVE YOU? I do.

(In the non-creepy way, of course.)

(Isn't it sad that we have to clarify the way that we love people nowadays?  It's like damn, there are THAT MANY CRAZIES out there that we have to put a disclaimer on this ish?!)

(If only Britney hadn't shaved her head, the world would have been a saner place. I'm convinced.  Sorry Brit, but you're big-time.  You know this.)

I digress.

PrettyWreck - I [non-creepily] love you! (if you don't read her blog just get the hell out cuz she's UH-MAZING! An I S P I R A T I O N !!) (Just kidding don't go nowhere!) (Read her blog though kay? Kay.)
I can't even begin to describe how wonderful your comment was, the Superman Syndrome HAH! I'm totally using that now!  And...and....WOW.  You are so wise and you comment really put things into perspective and the song is perfect.

(somebody e-mail me the mp3? K thanx.)

(that's right, I'm not done with you yet!!)

I feel better, it's amazing what...what...erm....catching up on a few++ days worth of restroom trips (ED-3, Flushed-0.) can do to your mood...and the scale, which, of course, linx rite back to mood enhancement =)

You're probably wishing you just clicked away after the vid huh?

Well, I must get back to studying now. Only like a week until finals. Not that that stopped my teachers from trying to squeeze in last minute projects, exams and essays.


Not that I'm bitter.



Have I told you all lately that I [non-creepily] love you? Okay, just wanted to make sure you got that. Hug-hug! Kiss-kiss!

[non-creepily.] yours,


  1. heeeey, we [non-creepily] love you too. :P
    i missed your blog so much babe, its always such an inspiration, and its definetly one of my main viewings.
    that song roCkZ! 'we walk on & on & on...'
    me likes!
    & me thinks, that you are so right...teachers are all A-hOlES!!!!! :)

  2. i non creepily love you
    mwah x

  3. Whhoooo hooooo ! Your blog was fun... :P
    We luv U tooo!

  4. OMFG you made me blush XD!
    I just hid my head in my shirt. I LOVE YOU TOO (IN THAT NON CREEPY WAY)



    ...anyway XD
    I sent you the song!
    And yeah, there's actually vitamins you can take to make your hair stop falling out! It's some complex stuff.
    But what works really well for proteins and omegas and all the stuff your hair needs is soy beans. Uuuuhm, buy edamame, and all you gotta do is eat about 1 serving of that a day. It's really good for you, and it's just delicious and low calorie, too :3

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    You totally made me so giggly reading this lol!

  5. Aw, we all love youuu!

  6. Hair-loss and no period are just signs of how well you're doing! (both can come from stress too, so please do try to relax and pamper yourself every once in a while, k?) Keep up your good work, and try to take a vitamin or something for the hair.
    I never specify my love. Uh oh. You think i'm a creeper! I promise i'm not! But i certainly do love you too. Lol.

  7. One of your more funnier posts, in my opinion. :D

  8. I love in a Creepy Way. So there!

    Keep your chin up, thanks for posting. I love your blog and I'm glad I found it!

    mwuah xoxo


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