Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Scared To Face Another Day

My mom said that her boss' boyfriend got denied any further unemployment because he sent in his form late. I was to cry. If they're cracking down I'm donezo. In fact, I may already be donezo. It's been a week and I haven't heard anything from EDD since I sent my I'm sorry it was an accident note. Then flipping through todays mail she made a comment that she never sees when my unemployment checks come. I wanted to die. DIE!

I haven't even looked for a job yet. I haven't even made my resume good. Anybody got any InstaDead for me? Cuz I needs a double.

Almost 24 years old and I'm afraid to tell my mom. I don't think I can handle the pressure [I fear] she will put on to find a job when she finds out I gots no income. I want to cry and shove the kitchen down my throat. And finger it back up chuck by chuck. I'm scared, the emotions stirring in me are overwhelming and I don't know what to do I just want to die to make all my worries go away.

The only thing stopping me from b/p is that I have a softball game and there isn't enough time. Plus, I'm bad enough at softball, I don't need the added handicap of light headedness and guilt. 

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  1. Ooooh I would die if the government took away my youth allowance...


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