Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes Wrong Just Feels So Right

My puking skills are improving. Patience, I'm learning, is the key. I really do wish they'd start selling Ipecac on the Internet again so I wouldn't have to work so hard to get everything up. I feel miserable after puking in either case so why not drug it up and not have to work so hard? The best part of it was that it got EVERYTHING UP. Which makes it all worth it. I know that it is very "dangerous" but I figure I'm gonna die anyway right? Why not just do what I wanna do?

(just sayin')

You hear that FDA? Put it back!

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  1. Anonymous18.6.09

    no ipecac. no no no.

    I know its horribly hypocritical to say one self destructive method is off limits when i've got all the others down but... no. please. and no laxatives either for that matter. that shit is so damaging. (again, i know, vomiting isnt much better) but at least its not introducing more foreign crap into your body.

    and i love 'i am more than just my blog'!! thanks for the support and well done on starting the day off well (- i dont know how it finished?)!

  2. It's no longer available to me.

    When I was buying it at the store (desperate & panicky from bingeing) I hated it. I hoped they'd stop because then I would stop and save money. win/win.

    and then it happened. win/win!

    And then I started again :( and then I found it on the net. And they stopped selling and I stopped. I thought: blessing. again. win/win!

    But back in the habit.
    I do it the old fashioned way.
    Just me, myself and my fingers.


  3. Hey, I know you posted this a long time ago, but I was just wondering - do you recommend the pills or the liquid form? It seems to me that the pills would take longer but I've never done anything but the old-fashioned way so I would have no idea.


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