Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quickety Quick

Thank you soooo much for your kind words and suggestions. This week I
am the special task force for a covert op at my moms job. This is what
I tell myself all day for a little boost of enthusiasm (to go with my
never empty cup of coffee) but really it's like playing Slap Jack all
day long when your not even sure there are any Jacks left. Excitement.

(that's intense sarcasm just in case you missed it or your memories of
Slap Jack after the age of 10 are insanely different from my own)

Anywho, it's kept my mind (for the most part) sane being at the office
all day and focused on what I'm doing. Did you know there's "life"
"out there"? It's true! And you can "interact" with "people" "face to
face"? And it's called being "social"?

Oh. You knew that already? This isn't news?

Well, I better be off to sleep now there's a thrilling game of Slap
Jack in store for me tomorrow.

Thank you again for your comments I really do appreciate you taking
the time to share your thoughts/advice/anything.

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