Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love music, it can mean so many different things to each individual. Heartbreaks and 808's don't compare to what E.D. has done to me. It's like making a deal with the devil. Or something. Most heartbreak-ish songs remind me of Ed-an abusive relationship but my desire to be loved thin tethers me (like "Gravity") and I often wonder why I do it. (Addicted and stupid? Likely.)

I was bored yesterday so I decided to familiarize myself with iMovie (on my Mac). It's pretty awesome how easy it is to link your project to iTunes and sync up to your iPhone (or iPod). Coolness. Everybody, buy a Mac! They are Super Fantastic in epic fantasmal proportions. And mine is old (1 year) just imagine brand new.
They suck but whatevs I'm a beginner! And patience is not bottled up nor sold in pill for the averagebear.
(Don't judge!)
(Sharing is caring, right?)

I'm rambling. Here it is. Quicksyle and amateurish.

Paramore "We Are Broken"

Sara Bareilles "Gravity"

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