Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going for Two

I'm going to work for my mom on a little special project and I'm expected to be discreet, as in try to be invisible. I get to be spy-ish! Minus the actual spying. I was considering going incognito but my mom thought the afro, painted on goatee and rahstafarian gear would be a little much. And it's just too damn hot for a trench coat, hat and sunglasses, plus how ridiculous would that be in an office?!

Anywho. I'm mostly excited about it because (besides the whole secret agent factor of course) I won't be able to stuff my face all day. But I'm not excited to wake up early and wear pants and make up, er not that I just sit in my underwear all day and read blogs...

This just got awkward.

SO today I did better than I have in a while. Coffee, grapefruit, salad, zuchini and a tofu dog. Office does mean endless coffee which is Super Fantastic. And we all know caffeine means ridiculousness endless energy & suppressed appetite. What actually makes me nervous tomorrow is lunchtime. We are having a family lunch at a mexican restaurant (read chips and salsa) and I'm afraid that I will be unable to exercise restraint when I've been not eating all day. 

Menus are the devil. 
And so are bottomless baskets of chips and salsa.

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  1. Anonymous19.6.09

    eek that sounds dangerous. can you look up the nutritional info of the menu??

    if not, i say veg quesadillas, hold the cheese, and dont actually eat the tortilla bit, just the veg from the middle. make a big show of how gross the tortilla is even!

    good luck


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