Monday, July 27, 2009


Look who's 7.5 days [and counting] of No bingeing. (Me.)
Look who's 7.5 day [and counting] of No purgeing. (It's Me.)
Look who's 7.5 days [and counting] of following rules.
(Whatever-just BARELY that one day!) (Stop judging me! I'M NOT PERFECT!!) (yet.)

Anywho, I'm feeling good about how things are going. AND (Oh yes, yes there is an "AND") (Take note it's in capitals too. Not those measly little ones. The big guy letters.)

Guess who decided they are going back to school. (Yeah. You guessed it: ME!)

(Boy, you're getting really good at this game!)

And knows what for! (Sociology)
And knows where to. (Comm College--what? it's a start.)
And already signed up. (student ID number and all)
And--actually that last one was actually the last one. There's no more "And"'s, I get carried away sometimes. Sue Me.

Actually don't. I can't afford it. I gotta pay for school. And possibly a stupid ticket. Because some StupidHead NutJob(!) was too damn slow for me to get out of the stupid intersection and the stupid camera that the stupid city put up at that particularly stupid intersection took a stupid picture of me and now I have a stupid ticket to look forward to in the stupid mail. Those STUPIDS! Argh!
And while we're on a "stupid" note, my stupid [fat] body still hurts. Hopefully, it'll get over itself already and not hurt tomorrow.
*fingers crossed*

If you'll remember in this post I got cut-off from my unemployment thus dropping my income down to a big fat (and stupid) ZERO. And in this post I worked for my Mom told her about said $ situation. Well, Mom helped. By cutting me a paycheck (for working, obvey) instead of paying me "under the table" with the grand master plan of re-filing for Unemployment.

It worked! Got the ball rollin', rollin'! (remember that Limp Bizkit & Korn song? Jeez that was a long time ago! They were way popular and now everybody hates them! Hollywood is so fickle.) (I digress.)

Guess who got a CHECK! CHECK, as in $Money$! Mula! Dinero! (ME!) (ME-ME-ME!!)

CashFlow Baby!
Money in the Bank! (SwizzBeatz, holla!)

I think I still have to file an appeal? I dunno, this stuff is way confusing. But point being, I got some money and there's hope for more. And it's looking good.

P.S. Thank you Law of Attraction/the Universe, let's just forget about that last post, yes? Yes. Kiss-kiss!

P.S.S. Because, clearly The Universe reads my Blog.


  1. Yeah this was mostly a happy post tickets always suck. Great job on no B&P (doing a happy dance for you right now). Also Go Community College that's where I'm headed in the fall I hope things keep going looking up. There is nothing better than when things start to fall into place.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so well. Keep up the great work!

  3. Anonymous27.7.09

    CLEARLY, the universe does read your blog. Things look to be looking up for you and thats awesome! I wish I could go back to school, i mean I am only 20.. but I have no time. I work 50+ hours a week. I can barely take care of myself in that time!! LOL. And good job on the no bingeing purging! Things will get better and better, just dont like the minor setbacks break you. :)

  4. Excellent job breaking the b/p cycle! It's tough, but you're doing a great job!

    And good luck with school! I keep meaning to go back, but...I always put it off...

    Money is always awesome.

  5. Anonymous28.7.09

    kudos to meeee! but really, i am not supposed to drink because my bf said i cant. but. i did. so im taking care of him and hiding that i was hungover. thank you mania. it really pushes me through these hangovers lollll


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