Monday, July 20, 2009


He-ey! I'm feeling good about today!

Granted, it's only 5 o'clock but once my mom gets home it's pretty much down hill from there cuz I'm a little more conscious of how many laps I do from [insert room in house here] to the kitchen. I'm hoping to persuade her (seriously, it's like pulling teeth) to take a walk with me (it would walk #2 for today!).

I also took a trip to the market today and stocked up on the yummies. Salad pack, salsa (my salad dressing), Almonds, Pistachios (I needs a little protein and fat, otherwise is Binge City and nobody wants that!) and fruit(!): Cantaloupe, HoneyDew, BlueBerries and I have a GrapeFruit tree in my backyard so I'm floating in fruit heaven, right now!

(No really, I'm salivating.)

(But in control~and I like-it!)

Tomorrow should be a pretty good day also. I'll be hanging with my Sis, new lil niece and lil cousins most of the day since I'm getting kicked out at 8am so the housekeeper can get down to biz-naz. Which reminds me I gotta straighten out my room (*grumble-grumble*) and plan out my food for the day. AND I gotta-gotta go to the library ($1.50 late fee is too much for this broke bookwarm) and pick out some new reads. Love, love, love reading! (NerdGirl 5000! haha) (don't judge.) =)

BTW, I'm always open to suggestions on good books to read too if anybody has any recommendations... I'll read anything, nothings is too "corny" or "serious" for me.


  1. hey i heard 'wasted' by marya hornbacher is a good book.i've just reserved it from the library, i can't wait to get it.

    welldone on the control!

  2. yeah!!!! healthy fruit and fat and stave off binges...Maybe I was worried about you for can do this HEALTHFULLY!!! I knew you had it in you...hmmmm good books well in teh recovery mindset you could check out "lIfe without Ed" by jennie shafer. Its a quick, Fab read book about her recovery from her made me cry allot.

    Keep us updated

    Love, Z

  3. I really love that first pic - it's exactly how I wish to feel.

    I just finished reading Wintergirls. I liked the writing style.

    If you're looking for something non-ED related, I recently read the Marie Antoinette biography by Antonia Fraser (the pink one), as well as a book of Viking mythology.

    If you can't think of a good book, you can always try one of the Classics.

  4. Q: What would you do if you flushed so hard that your plumbing disintegrated?

    A: You'd need to get pro-spanner.

  5. well done! u can do this girl! omg! ur actually making me wnt more fruit dammit! mm what to do! well I was gna actually not go for my walk but maybe Ill walk to tesco like 30 min walk and back! and get hney dew or watermelon! x


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