Monday, July 13, 2009

Why hello there Endophins, it's been awhile...

Okay, I did go for a couple of walks with my mom Monday and Tuesday last week but today I went by myself. Woke up early go dressed, got distracted/at breakfast, drank coffee and skidaddled.

About under 55 minutes of walking 1.5 miles which is kind of a slower pace but the point is I did it.

Also, I did not puke yesterday. But I did have a snack of [raw] zucchini with parmesan cheese and went round two on the salad w/cheese&avocado. What the hell was with me and cheese and avocado? Odd. I'm disappointed in the cheez/avo (oh yeah AND the 2nd bowl of oatmeal was unnecessary) but overall at least I did not binge and the portions were no outrageous. I usually put 100 cals of rolled oats, 3-4 oz. of cheese? (Argh! That's BAD.)

I stopped at Subway for my Sis and got nothing for myself. I brought a grapefruit with me to her house just in case but did not eat it. I was emotional. I thought about bingeing or at least eating chips or something bad but decided against (choice!) (shoutout to Zena :->).

(I'm proud of myself can you tell?) (Don't answer that.)

Unfortunately, all that NON-bingeing that I did caused an outpour of emotions and feeling stuff. And I ended up talking about all kinds of things. Tears were shed by me. I find it quite curious how I think things but saying them aloud I couldn't spit it out sans crying. But overall I did feel better and felt it actually was a really good talk with my sister. I felt like we both talked and we both listened and took in all that the other was saying. We are from opposite ends of the spectrum (I'm a quiet thinker and she's a liver w/a smile) so I think it really opens/expands our minds when hearing the others perspective.

Does anybody else find that exercising (taking a walk in my case) really fuels the mind with healthier thoughts? Clearer thinking? Creativity even?


  1. Hey i got a shout out!!! cool beans!!:)

    well my thoughts on not binging and being emotional...ummmm well hell yeah sista, Its forcing you to sit with feelings you would other wise be our case with food. I would like to offer this suggestion, well you are not binging and purging but really feel the NEED to, I find that, that is the best time to journal or blog or whatever your writing of preferance is. It is when you are the most raw with emotions and you can purge the emotions instead of the food...see my crazy logic:) Any who on endorphins well THEY ROCK!!! I miss them:( they make you more clear headed, articulate and over all just plain happy..I would go with it...just dont go to far...or you will end up like me...not allowed to do any exercise not even a walk...le sigh...but good for you on the endorphin rush...I just had a mini pity party for myself..sorry...YEAH FOR YOU ON ALL YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS YESTERDAY AND TODAY!!!!

    Love, Z

  2. Brilliant girl. I still haven't walked. I need to. It is bitterly freezing in my part of the world at the moment, I can barely slip my hands out from under the covers to type, let alone get up and walk. Excuses. God knows How I'm going to manage to get up and get dressed for uni! I'll walk to uni, so that's something.

    I find when I need to binge I actually feel less emotional. I get all numb and sort of mechanical. I just forge through it. Maybe I should try and step back. I'm sure it's just a defense mechanism and all the negative emotions are just bubbling away under the surface. Next time, I'll try to find them :)

    Well done on a superb day


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