Saturday, July 18, 2009


And then I b/p'd. I got to feeling all bad about the last post
sounding like I was all "I'm so fab and super intelligent" but at the
same time all "whoa is me". Which is not how I mean to be, please
understand that this blog is more like an online diary, very candid.
It's the toilet of truth as I see it right here and now. I'm prone to
writing (typing) it out when I get all super emotional and I don't
always know what's going to come out.


  1. Anonymous18.7.09

    'toilet of truth'... that is so perfect. x

  2. Iwish icould swoop you up and hug you and tell you are good, very good and you should try, I know its hard but try not to be so down on yourself. I read both this post and the last and really the last post is nothing to be ashamed about you were expressing your feeling , soemthing we all have a right to do, you did not sound at all (spoiled nor rich) just like a fairly inteligent girl with her head on her shoulders...whats so wrong with that..absolutley NOTHING!!!

    So you were feeling bad about thinking you were a spoiled little rich girl huh?? and that led you to b/p, what else were you feeling? and at what point did you reach the "point of no return" where you had already committed to the B/P. What were you thinking, feeling, doing at the time of the "incident" dont have to answer these questions...but if you want to be able to stop not only the purge but the binge as well we gotta figure out what REALLY prompted the "incident"..Do you want to explore with me...cause I know you really want to end this vicious cycle...right??

    Love, Z


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