Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a Bookworm

Thank you for book recommendations!

I requested:
  • Skinny Bitch
  • Life Without ED
  • Marie Antoinette
from the library. My cousin is going to let me borrow her Harry Potter books. And when I went to the library today I picked up some books from authors that seem to never disappoint:

And then some random one that caught my eye called, The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman.

Wasted and Wintergirls I've read (and liked) along with other ED books: Stick Figure, Insatiable and The Best Little Girl in the World.

I like girly "Chick Lit" books too like stuff written by Sophie Kinsella and the like (Can You Keep a Secret? was my fave of hers).

(I read the Twilight Series too which I loved!)

Anyhoodle, I'm always up for more recommendations ANYTIME!
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  1. Thank you for your concern, I'm definitely going to be more careful now *hugs*

    This post put me in a complete reading mood, I feel like running to the library now! I recently read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and loved it, so check it out if you haven't already :)

  2. My favorite book is Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." It's a classic for a reason.

  3. Anonymous23.7.09

    I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Keep writing! Pillars of the earth is a really good book. It's pretty lengthy but I felt it was worth the time.


  4. hi 5
    i'm a bookworm too.
    twilight series!!!!! aarrgggg! :P
    lol <3

  5. For more ED related stuff, I just picked up "Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders" by Aimee Liu. Obviously it's a pro-recovery book, but it has a lot of great information.

    Much of it is talking about how we are born with certain personality traits that cannot be changed, and that is what makes some people susceptable to eating disorders. She points out that "recovery" is simply directing whatever part of you drives your ED into something else, but that part of you never really goes away.

    (Ooh, I also recommend Jane Austen. Good stuff.)

  6. The amazing adventures of diet girl x


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