Thursday, July 8, 2010

Operation: Healthy. Mission: Impossible.

The world of dieting, nutrition, health, science and weight loss is thoroughly exhausting. I read a lot of health blogs and every week there is new and different information constantly contradicting each other. I suppose it's like anything in life.

My conclusion?

None of us truly know what the fuck we're talking about. That being said, I'm just going to do my own thing and live my own way. This is not to say that all the information out there is false or true. I am certainly not disreguarding any old or new information. What I'm saying here is I will read what catches my eye, I will listen what grabs my attention, I'll apply my Brain Skills and decide whether I think this info is valuable or not.

What brings me to this rantragious post is that I heard about this new diet. The up/down diet. It basically consists of alternating calories, one day up, the next, down (as the title suggests). So 500 calories one day and the next a reasonable amount of calories. On the "Up days" you are expected to "eat as you like with out overeating." Now I don't know about you all but SIGN ME UP was certainly my first thought. 

I read the website. I googled and read message board with mixed reviews as to the "healthiness" of this diet. Some claiming that it is a dream come true. While other think of it as a part-time anorexia diet. All I have to say is: Whatever Bitches. I'm trying this ish.

Some diets fit better into my lifestyle than others. And this one sounds like something I can stand behind. So here I go on this new diet. So far today I've had 530 some odd calories (I really wasn't measuring, just guestimating).

So after reading how anything and everything under the sun has the potential to kill me, my new goal in life is to die skinny. (this really isn't anything new. pretend with me, will ya!)

I will be going out of town for the weekend so this should be interesting. I'm sure I will be fine 2 of the 3 days at least! On Saturday will be my "Down Day" so staying to 500 calories will take a bit of effort. Between salads, a protein shake and coffee I think I'll make it just fine!

And I may also be meeting a fellow blogger! SQUEEE!


  1. Diet sounds amazing.

  2. Oh, I've always wanted to meet some of my followers. That sounds so awesome. Lucky you. Good luck with the diet thing <3

  3. Oh you're so lucky! I recently found out I only live 30 min away from someone I recently stumbled across. I'm hoping that may develop into something, someone I can really talk to. If you do meet a blogger let us know how it goes!


  4. Meeting a fellow blogger? how cool - I'm full of a little jealousy right now.

    I'm with you about how exhausting it is to keep up with nutrition information. & then you have to worry about who is publishing it, who paid the writer to talk about it and question their motives. Blah - why can't there just be facts out there for me to interpret on my own?

    The up/down is kind of what I'm doing, except my up is 800 & my down is 200 + a 1,200 day to keep me sane :) - anyway, I don't understand the people that get all up in arms about calorie restriction, but then again I'm a little eating disordered so my view on the matter is slightly skewed...

  5. Sounds awesome :]
    Let us know how it works :D


  6. i would agree that all the stuff about metabolism and diet ideas are usually bull, so I am going with my own thing. But its awesome that you have found something good for you!!! :D Good luck with this new diet planm, I cant wait to hear how it goes!

  7. I loved the title of this post. There's so much truth there. It seems so very impossible to be both healthy and skinny--i mean, come on, why else would they call fat people "healthy" instead of just straight up saying "fat"? Going with your own thing is probably the best option out there.
    That diet sounds like a good thing. I hope it works well for you!


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