Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the world is right again.

My phone the iPhone 3GS.  (he-EY! Do a little dance, make a little call, let's text tonight!)

That's right, I am whole again and upgraded and graduated, I even got to keep my same number.  The girl that helped us at ATT was super nice and helpful despite the fact that it was near closing time by the time she was helping us. (cheers to the good samaritans that pop up in my life, may there be many more!) (LUuuuuuuuuv the good samaritans!!)

I know I complain a lot about my mom on this bloggity blog but she really is wonderful.

(And I'm a bratty only child and I gots ta vent yall! It's my daughterly duty, I'm convinced.)

(Well, I convinced myself.)


Anyway, I was really trying to just fix my little phone drama and not have to involve my mom so that I wouldn't inconvenience her because, hello, I was the dumbass that lost her iPhone and thus must suffer the consequence and expenses. But I'm on her plan (it's cheaper) so I would have to do it all online.  And do you know what this wonder person said?

"Just let me know when you need me."

It's crazy that everybody* in Vegas was so sad for me that I lost my phone.  What sweethearts, right? (They also know how attached I am to mu-bay-beh) My mom was saying the other night that one of the other girls that went to Vegas was saying how well I took the whole thing, that I didn't let it bring me down and was still staying positive and bringing light to the situation.

My attitude: I did what I could to find it, there's nothing more so why dwell and ruin the night/weekend? And when I get home I will get an iPhone and will distract myself away from my bank account and focus on something shiny and new!!  Things will work out.

My point in blogging this is that it's a change in me.  I wasn't always this way, there was a time when I would let it ruined everything.  In the past I don't know how long I've really tried to be a more positive person and it's a really hard thing to change but the longer you work at it the easier it gets.  This weekend was proof of that, a test of sorts (I'd give myself a B).  It's proof that I am making progress.  Progress is motivating me to continue on this road to the land of optimism.  The ability to let the past be and look towards the future is priceless.

In other news, I didn't eat bad this weekend (Remember alcohol has no calories!) (Denial. I like it.) but when I got home and spent the night alone and in the dark (power out) and cut off from all of civilization (iPhone) I did binge.  It was terrible and I have no idea how many calories but it wasn't all crazy like, it was just Too Much.  I took laxies (tsk-tsk) but in my defense I was a little constipated. And today I weighed in at 117.5 pounds which is about normal these days.

Though I am glad that I have been able to maintain this weight (which is dot, dot, dot okay) I'd like to be losing.  What is more important than losing to me is that I am [relatively] healthy (as in not bald with decaying teeth) but the MOST important is that I stop purging.  My period has yet to return (and should it come back, will not be greeted with open arms).

I'm not counting Saturday night when I was Near Death (I'm ashamed and embarrassed of this) and Shoving my fingers down my throat to get the alcohol out of me.  There wasn't any food in me anyway which is what got me so shit-faced in the first place.  My brain had checked out at that point anyway so it wasn't even A Decision, just instinct or something.  I woke up with a thousand apologies and thank you's (for taking care of muh-self induced [but not on purpose] alcohol poisoned ass) and put a happy face on to a new day.

Y'know how I was saying we got a limo?  We walked out the wrong door and asked if cabs come through this way and this limo driver said that he would take us for $30 cuz he knows 6 of us would have to take 2 cabs.

(And we're cute and fun and wearing boa's.)

Here's a little snippet of my mom.

Mom: Driver, what's your name?
Driver: Johnny.
Mom: Thanx Driver!

My family is funny like this, it wasn't a joke it was pure ditziness, though my mom is smart, she just says things sometime that are like ...??.

*Btw, it was my mom's best friends daughter whose 21st birthday it was.  She actually wanted to go to Vegas with us all (my mom, my 2 aunts, her mom and mom's friend and b-day girl brought a friend) (oh yeah, and me. I played softball with b-day girl and friend for a couple season this past year) They are old but young (think OC housewives (and we live close to OC so this totally fits) but more realistic and more maybe pg-13 as in not trying to get naked ~ somewhere in between Vicki and frightens me to think of how they would be if they looked like Tamra or Gretchen though!)

My mom even took care of me (she was the one that bought me a double shot of Patron AND made me a vodka drink in the room that I'm sure is what kicked my ass up, sideways and down, down, down...) and she didn't judge me or lecture me or anything, she just gave me ibuprofen in the morning, a glass of water and asked if I was feeling better.  I guess she figure the previous night was punishment enough and she knows how hard I am on myself and embarrassed and she even told me that she was proud of me that I was woman enough to apologize and kept my spirits up.  It's just not cool to be a Debbie Downer, it effects the spirit of the whole group.

Best. Mom. EVER!

Hypothetically (or real-letically?), how would your parent(s) handle the situation?  How would YOU handle the situation? (whether it be with the phone and/or the Drunken Debacle)  Have you gone through some sort of life test and realized that all your effort in changing your attitude (or whatever) has more or less paid off?


  1. you gave yourself a B??
    No way, definitely worthy of a B+ ... haha good to hear you've actually noticed a change in yourself.. a positive one for a change ;)

    Gig fat woop!
    wanna buy me an iphone too???

  2. wow your mom does sound pretty cool. im still amazed at how well you handed the phone situation, i know that if i had lost something that important i would be freaking out non stop(mostly because im broke and wouldnt be able to get a new one lol).
    i would probably freak out and stress for a day and then be done with it.C would literally bitch for weeks though.
    stay strong

  3. I love the way you write!

    Las Vegas is so amazing, I have been there 3 times and NEED TO GO BACK.
    Glad you made the best of a tricky situation and had a good time!!

  4. I'm glad you got a new phone! And yay for optimism. I need to learn to be more optimistic, but i'm just not... Ya kno, the glass is always half empty for me and i don't know why. I really should join you on your journey. I think you deserve an A for your efforts though.

  5. I am jealous of your iphone. I never thought I'd want one, but i kind of do. I should love my mom more, I read that part and felt guilty. Ugh. I am a horrible daughter.


  6. OH GOD. I have been in the completely smashed-empty stomach- self induced vomiting situation, it's not good,
    damn you vodka.
    And I agree, definately a B+ at least, it sounds like you handled the situation really well, well, clearly you did! Optimisitc :)
    I think my mum would have done the same, had she been there when it happened, she wants me to just live life, and learn from my own mistakes I suppose,
    and your weight is really good, i'd kill to be where you are right now!
    Stay strong, I hope your okay x

  7. I've pretty much stopped drinking lately, and while the calories are doing better, I'm bored as fuck.
    I want your weekend diet!

  8. Lmfoa! Your mom sounds bad ass :)


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