Friday, January 15, 2010

Recappin' and Packin'

I started school this week and I'm loving the change.  I'm driving all over southern california for these classes to reduce the stress of the dreaded waiting list and I am so glad I did, more and more people who are registered for classes are actually showing up (cue: gasp).

I'm loving my Guidance class, my teacher is amazing (I already knew this going into it because I had her last semester).  This tall, loud and smiling black woman who is always laughing and telling us stories (stories with a moral), she's completely candid and some might describe her as weird but to me, she's wonderful.  I feel lucky just to have crossed paths with her in my life, it feels as though I'm doing something right.  This semester the feeling towards her hasn't changed but I do feel similarly to my Psychology teacher.

Ms. Jack Jill of all trades, she's been a college professor since she was 22 (now in her early 50s) and while she was professoring, she danced on Soul Train, went to design school (and worked in the field but is now a consultant), she's involved in bettering the faculty at our school and is currently taking an AutoCAD class.  My Guidance teacher is also going to the White House and things to help out our school and the growth of teacher styles to better help students learn.

I love this.  To me, it is so inspiring.  These women are evolving and continually learning and trying to make a difference.  They are in their 50's but their spirits are young, they have energy and it's obvious when you are in their presence that they love what they do.  I want this kind of tenacity and passion when I have a career-no, I take it back, I want this type of tenacity and passion in Life.  They are doing what they love, they are good at it and they get paid for it.

My Guidance Teacher says that you should do what you love and the money will just come.  I choose to believe in this.  I'm still working on finding this special little niche in me so that I can nurture this little skill and/or talent and let it blossom into a beautiful garden! Or whatever. Poetry is obviously not the niche.

And then there are the other two classes.  My English teacher gives me hopes of becoming a better writer, she's a little...kooky, scatter brained perhaps?  But her class is demanding and force me to step up my "game" (or lackthereof), I'd really love to become a better writer, maybe one day I'll even write a book.  (It's been a secret dream of mine since I was very young, I've always loved reading and books!)

My math teach is a stereotypical Japanese man, his eyes disappear when he smiles and he smiles often.  His class was yesterday and boy, oh boy was I ever frustrated!  I didn't get there in time to sit in the front, so there I was squinting & squirming, bobbin' n' weavin', standing and sitting to see the board and decipher through his teeny weeny writing and heavy accent.  It reminded me of being in a Catholic Church in Mexico.

(Except he wasn't damning me to hell with the evil eye because I was chewing gum.)

(I don't think.)

(His eyes are pretty small and I wasn't wearing my glasses.)

But that's neither here nor there, I suppose.  Looking over the syllabus for his class, I think this will be review of last semester with an extra twist, so I'm hoping that with the book, last semester notes and maybe getting a study buddy or visiting the schools math center, I can manage an A in the course.

(Fingers crossed.)

Week 1 done!

It's party time!  Literally, partytime in Sin City (that's Las Vegas, for all you who live under a rock).  My mom's friends daughter is turning 21.  She's super cute, very charismatic and it should be tons of fun!  If I can just get over myself and insecurities.  My mom tried pepping me up a bit last night with the whole you're beautiful and tiny and just be yourself and you'll shine like the Super Fantastic Person you are.  (Aaaawwwww, a mothers eyes, it's even more flattering than Beer Goggles.)  And I gotta admit her little booster babble kinda worked a little.

I'm still super nervous though. I'm not perfect yet!! I'm not ready for the world to see me!!!

Which is a ridiculous way to think.

Lying to yourself, that's where it's at.  (At least before you go out.)

Okay.  I must pack.

Don't be surprised if there is another post today.  I'm a procrastinator and packing is not what I would consider a Fun Activity.

5 hours to fix myself up, pack and run errands.

...I'm still here...I'll just mosey on...over here and over to your place to read some blogs....
P.S. I'm a fatty.  Must. Get. Skinny.
P.P.S.  still haven't purged. Today will be the 37th day. (Yippety-Yiy-Yay!)


  1. I think you are a fantastic writer, dear. You could certainly write an interesting best-seller of a book!
    I hate packing too, and i'm always putting it off until the last second so that i'm stuffing things in my bag as i run out the door... i do NOT recommend this method. I always forget something, and if i don't i'm busy worrying that i did. Lol.
    Awesome job not purging! Keep that up!

  2. i love hearing from you flushed(:

  3. I am SO proud of you! you're almost in the 40's. Stay focused on the positive my dear!!


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