Friday, October 23, 2009

The Devi--I mean, Dentist

So today was the day that I've been dreading for a couple of weeks now.  I knew I had to face those latex gloves and scraping tools eventually, I know that it is what's best but that's doesn't mean I want to! It doesn't mean I was a terrified stress case when I was sitting in that chair. (lie. I was like that since I grabbed the keys  to my car!)

My eyes glazed over when the x-ray lady was taking pictures with a camera and I saw the yellow-brown on my teeth. Disgusting. All that purging...I just know the dentist is gonna shake his head knowingly and tell me that I need to start taking care of my teeth to prolong their rotting and falling out. Dentures, are no doubt, in my future.

He didn't. He was really cool (in terms of dentist), young and super nice. Right off (there was no hiding my terror of sitting in that chair!) he told me that my teeth were fine, nothing major, while at 24 they are not in the state of health that is ideal, there is definitely nothing major going on.

Whew! I believe I took my first breathe after that statement!

He poked around and noted the excessive staining (Q: "smoke? drink a lot of coffee?" A: Former Chain Smoker. Coffeeholic.) and an itty bitty cavity. All in all, not so bad. Not NEARLY what I thought it would be. Thank Gawd!!

We talked lumineers ($5500) and I want them soooo bad! I want a beautiful smile! If I get lumineers then  my teeth will be white and shaped all pretty and my smile would be GORRR-GUS Dawling!! Just GOWRGUS!! I can't stop thinking about it and how much I want it, it will happen but just not now, I need an income. Even if I got a cheesy job, I would totally do it. I can. I will.


  1. We all breathe a sigh of relief for you! Gawd I'm on blogger alldaylong now-a-days.
    I'm sort of in your position as well, my dad has been bugging me for the past month to book an appointment for the dentist, but unless he does it for me I'm not touching the phone. Have you tried crest white strips and all those other jazzy teeth whitening products? They may not be as effective as the lumineers, but they are much cheaper!
    (They worked pretty good for me)

  2. Hey, at least you got some good news from him. :) I'm glad to hear that nothing is messed up badly, and i wish you the best of luck in making your teeth beautiful and white. You know there are in-home products for whitening teeth too (and they're a lot cheaper) so maybe you should try some of those until you have the job and money to get the lumineers? Just a suggestion.

  3. the lumineers could be a really good way to stop the purging and a really sensible reward because you wouldnt wna go spend that money get it done only to ruin them with purging so overcome your purging obviously it will be a whiletill you can be sure you have, so you can save and get lumineers have a lovelly smile and never look back (course by this time you will have a beautiful body to match yes?)

    i was trying to be empowering again lol xx


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