Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Ignorance is Bliss" is Right! (kinda)

Friday I have a dentist appt (my mom set it up, I'm way too shicken chit for that ish) and I'm terrified.  It's difficult for me to even look at my teeth close up in a mirror, I don't smile as often because of them.

Denial anyone?

Did I mention that I'm askird to go to the dentist? Freaky Friday?

Just checking.

On a positive note.

YANKEES WON tonight!! One more win and we got this series!!

Goodnight. Good. Night.


  1. The dentist always sucks. Check ups, cleanings, xrays, fillings and super fun oral surgery! Ugh... I had my wisdom teeth removed last year, and the only good part was the Vicodin. Then again, Vicodin is the good part of damn near anything.

    I hope it's nothing big, but if it is then I hope you at least get high lol


  2. Well, i've been blessed with good teeth. I guess that comes from growing up on a farm and always having milk to drink... Until i got all ED and decided i'd rather eat my Calories than drink them... now i almost never drink milk. Moving off the farm didn't help the milk-drinking situation much either... Oh well. But anyways, as i was saying, the dentist hasn't really ever done anything awful to me, but i still hate to go see him. Stupid, irrelevant fear. I'm sure you'll do just fine though.

  3. Ugh... Hate-hate-hate the dentist!! It's painful AND costs tons of money!!! Paying quite literally for pain?
    Sick! But I guess you dont have as much trauma as me ;)

    Good luck <3


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