Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Will.

I Will.

I will be that girl-that WOMAN that I want to be.
I am the controller of me.


Today the scale told me that I was 117.5 lbs. (I like it! I like it!)

Today I ate a HUGE breakfast, snack and lunch (not to mention lunch
was too pricey for my miniscule budget). While it was all healthy food
I still feel extremely guilty and very much like a heiffer. I had 2
samples of what TR's where havin to offer.

• Hummus on a toasty cracker thing. Hummus fine. The cracker? Hmph!

• 4 Big grapes, sugar or calorie-wise not the best choice but it's
fruit, fine.

• Margherita Pizza. Whatthehell Flushed that's should have followed
the plate in the trash! Only the cheese made it to the trash...but
still, while relatively thin, it's not a whole wheat crust and white
stuff... Well it just does something to me and that something is not

Which is why I went for the Red Fat Greek Salad and thingy of
Watermelon! BUDGET, hell-o did I forget I'm on a damn budget?! $7 when
I should have gotten a 19 cent banana.

I did take some of the Feta out. Didn't touch the dressing.

Total Caloric intake for today SO FAR(!) is 668.

And TheElectrician wants to hang out tonight, so Bam: MORE calories.

What am I masochistic?! 117.5! I'm supposed to keep going with this
downward trend not eat more!

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  1. OhMygosh, thats bacically me to a Tee!

    I get down to 117lbs (yesterday!) then binge eat even though I know I shouldnt! Grrr

  2. I ALWAYS follow a nice scale result with a binge.
    I'm just self-destructive like that.
    And I like your 300 cals a sitting rule.
    Totally stealing that!

  3. 117!! You'll get to your goal weight soon, chin up, stay strong!

  4. 117 is amazing news. You deserve to treat yourself a little bit, so try not to feel too guilty about it. Besides, one day with a little bit more food will not ruin your goals just as long as you get back to restricting tomorrow. Stay strong, hun. You're doing great.

  5. Anonymous23.10.09

    sometimes small binges like that can boost your metabolism (hello .. ABC?)
    just focus on what you can do today .. how you can make up for it and don't beat yourself up .. stay positive. :)

  6. I agree with Ella. Binges can boost your metabolism. Hit the gym or do some exercises tomorrow to keep it flowing even if you're fasting/restricting, and before you know it you'll hit your target weight. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  7. I always binge after seeing a number I like on the scale, too. It sucks.


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