Saturday, October 3, 2009


This person said something that kinda freaked me out. She said that losing your period could lead to loss of bone mass! (and fertility-but *shrug* meh I'm pretty certain I'ma be the Cat Lady or something when I'm old) I don't know why, it just hit a nerve with me, bone mass, ummm, I need that shit! I think. I'm pretty sure I do. Is it just me being all crazylike would this concern anybody else when I know damn well I haven't seen "Aunt Flo" in like, 2 months?

I'm clearly not underweight, I have fat (too much fat). Upon looking it up, I'm thinking it might be the calcium and fat thing, well, I started (just recently) eating VeggieSlice Cheese which has calcium 20% of daily need as far as the package says and I'm at about 16-19% fat in my diet-all's just calories I think. I'm sure the bitch (Aunt Flo) will let loose in October. We shall see.

I started thinking I need to raise the cals, just for this week! And I'm like freaking out about eating. I'm terrified to eat anymore today. After these Veggies right now, I'm calling food quits for the day. My brow is all wrinkley just thinking about it. YUCK! Food is thyne enemy! Or something.

Ya wanna know what else fur-eeked me out? No? Too bad! Muahahaha!! I was looking on the back of said cheese package and the calories are 40 and not 35 like I thought, like my phone thought. I think I got the wrong-ish shit! Because I remember seeing 35 when I bought it last. Oh you better believe I'm gonna be scrutinizing over this next time I shop! So irritated with myself that I didn't make sure. Lesson learned.

TheElectrician wanted to take me out tonight, after talking to me he left it up to me since it was clear that I am Stressed the Fuck Out(!) and Grumpy as Shit. He's so sweet, he tell me to go outside and get some sunshine and breathe and I need a break and all that. He's totally right, of course. I do want to hang out with him but it just makes me all anxious at the same time AND, more importantly, did I mention I am Grumpy as Shit? Yeah. It's just wrong to subject society to these vibrations of the non-happy nature.

Screw You Humanities Mid-Term! Except I'm devoting all my time to you nonetheless. You are like ED to me in that way.


  1. i haven't had a period in 3 years. my doc and my dietician had a chat and they decided that since i'm malnourished, petite and low on estrogen that i'm at high risk for osteoporosis and i should get a bone density scan. i'm waiting for the results.

    and... they've asked me to stop taking birth control for a couple of months to see if my estrogen regains itself naturally. if i get a period, not too much to worry about. if i don't... eeeeeeee...

    yup, just one of the lovely side effects of eating disorders. yay.

  2. When I've tried to get my period started I just overdosed on protein. Protein shakes, egg whites. it worked

  3. Ugh i've lost aunt flo too. It scares me... I dunno. I haven't seen her in at least 5 months... Yikes. And yet, i know what you mean about clearly not being underweight. It's so weird...

  4. Well its not all so bad, right? Its only a 5 cal. difference. I mean yes it could get up to a lot , but considering that normal American cheese is 60 cal.? Thats a 20 cal. difference! I wouldn't stress too much about it anyway.

  5. yeah i knew that about bone mass kinda scary but i still have my period so i can forget about it

    with the cheese i would instead of stressing be thankful that now you can trust the cheese better as before it must have been lying at 35 so now you know its closer by law calorie info can be up to 20% out so most manufacters funnily enough put things lower than they are


  6. Calcium will help your bone mass, no matter where your period goes.
    Chin up love! Good luck on your mid-term and hope your grumpy goes away!

  7. I would start taking a calcium supplement. They're not that expensive and you get a lot of them. (Plus, the knock off brand vitamins are way cheaper than the name brand ones.) I also take mine at night before I go to bed cause thats when the human body does most of its healing, so I give it the necessary supplements to heal me while I sleep. :) Just a thought.



  8. I love you Flushed!
    Yeah my periods are a mess. I've had like 3 in the last year :s I know its cos of my eating and I know I should see a doctor and sort it out... I've read the horror stories of infertility etc... but I dunno, I'm no medical buff I can't healthily advise on these things.
    You work hard on your mid-terms :) it's good to see x x x


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