Saturday, August 22, 2009


Okay so I'm going out with TheElectrician tonight and he's taking me to dinner at the beach! Dinner-grrrrr! (beach-Yayay!!) I was really hoping that I could avoid food on this date. I need to get ready. I don't know what to wear! I've had 431 calories so far today. No exercise but I think I'll do my buns/thighs DVD (15 minutes), push-ups and some sit-ups just to tighten up a bit.


Deep Breathes Flushed. Take. Deep. Breathes.

I'm thinking the coffee may have been a bit counterproductive, yes? Last anyone checked were JitterBugs charming? -Oi. Don't answerthat.

Ack! (Y'know, for good measure.)

And sorry to those of you who have seen an annoying jitterbug commercial (I haven't-hah!) so try this on instead:
I luv tha fishes cuz thur so delishuuuuuss! Got goldfishis.

You hate me now, don't you? Haha.


  1. why. do. all. social. things. involve. food. If I may use your word - "ACK!!!" lol.

    Are you talking about that jitterbug phone advert? with all the elderly people dancing?

    Don't worry about missing the photo - I think I'm going to start posting one everyday, so just check my page often.

    Thank you for the support, dahling♥

  2. Haha. I still love you. But oh dearie... so much jitteryness! It's ok; i'm sure you'll be lovely on the date and he will LOVE you too! Just be your lovely self and he'll not be able to dislike you. (Except the not eating part of you... prolly should eat a little bit. Perhaps try the "i'm vegeterian so i'll just get a salad" trick?) Good luck!

  3. you said it right hun 'ACK!!!'
    431calories sounds good, i'm sure you'll be able to squeeze in a nice salad without feeling guilty.don't worry about it deserve to have a good time
    and with the exercise you're planning to do, you, there's no reason you should feel guilty at all

    have a good're awsome!!

  4. No I still have the Jitterbug commercial jingle in my head. I'm trying to think of the "real" jitterbug song, but I just keeping "do do doo do Jitterbug!"

    Damn. it. You somehow made me wired, and I haven't even had caffeine this morning :)

  5. If worse comes to worse, share a dish with him and talk lots; he'll never notice you hardly ate anything.

    But regardless, it sounds like a potentially romantic date! I wish I lived close enough to a beach to venture there to have dinner!

    I hope you have fun!

  6. food food food its so annoying! I freak out over dinners! still fill up on water order small! I duno ha! wat yah gna do! have fun anyway hope hes a hottie! xx

  7. Lol thanks...I think it was just my mad photo-editing skills...

    I'm not posting these because I think I'm pretty, so you have NOTHING to worry about! The thing I like about our little blogger world is that it's not a beauty pageant. No judging :]

    So let's see that gorgeous mug of yours soon, okay?

  8. I'm just catching up on blogs now that I'm hooo-ome from my month away. And... 21 days???? (probably more now). As a fairly definitely completely fucking bulimic bulimic myself now, I'm outrageously impressed! You know what? 21 days... bring it, I'm gonna do it too. I'm damn sure gonna try anyway!


  9. You've had a pretty good intake today, so don't worry too much. Go for the salad or half of anything else. You are going to have a lovely date! You seem like an incredible girl, and I'm sure he'll see it too. :)

  10. I just want to say hope your date went well, and I'll prolly be reading about it as im going through my bloglist.. so I will comment more later =P


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