Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drink & Be Merry

SO the party was pretty good. Off to a slow start but pretty soon I was knee deep in jello shots, tequila and alcoholic goodness. As far as eating went I stuck strictly to fruits and veggies, that's right, I didn't so much as look at chips, beans, rice...nachos...etc. And to be honest, I really wasn't all that tempted. (Go me!) I felt good.

I wasn't thrilled about drinking (since life is not fair and alcohol has calories in it) but hell, it's been a while and a girls gotta let loose, drink and be merry. It is a party, after all. But I didn't drink incessantly and considering my food choices and the fact that I was walking around (all sexy-like, thank you Mr. Inventor of High Heels and Flatirons) and socializing, I figured it all balanced out.

The last couple of Sundays I've been at the ball park, playing softball and hanging with my aunt (we carpool) and this guy has been around. He's my cousins friend (this particular aunts son), he's one of those macho men but he's really flirty, he takes every opp to talk/comment/touch me and...well, it's kind of awkward (although, admittedly, I do enjoy the attention). So he was there and paying me attention which, again, is a bit of a self-esteem booster.

And speaking of self-esteem boosting and awkward moments, ThePainter totally cornered his brother and I into going out to lunch on Sunday. Ummm....you're a painter not the lead matchmaker at eHarmony. I'm embarrassed. His brother, TheElectrician is pretty good looking but like a decade (or something) older than me. But on and on ThePainter goes all UsedCarSalesmen style about how we would be good for each other and Flushed is pretty and has a good head on her shoulders, is going to school, blahblahblah and TheElectrician is a good guy, got his ish together, place at the river, looking for a house (he owns his own business), blahblahblah.

So we're just standing there all awkward-like stealing awkward side glances to see if the other is repulsed at the idea (okay, we caught eyes a couple of times when I was passing through). ThePainter went to far as to say that we were going to have lunch at YardHouse at 12 the next day. Seriously, TheElectrician and I said like 15 actually words MAX this entire time but we did end up agreeing.

In other news. As far as school goes, I'm on the waiting list for all but one class. I'm gonna hafta be all on the ball and be an early bird and go gettin'. Must. I must. Bodywise, I'm feeling good, 128.5 is the number the scale read today which is the lowest number that I've seen since that frightful day when I stepped on the scale and nearly drowned in my own tears. I'm glad that I'm finally seeing the 120's again, I've been seeing improvement in my body it's about g'damntime the scale show a little give too!

BTW: The Bender Ball is amazing. I've done the core, buns and thighs dvd that the ball came with and I'm feeling good.

-----The Date-----

I skipped my softball game and rescheduled "lunch" (Who has lunch at 3:30pm? I do when I'm drinking until 5am.) So we met and it wasn't awkward (surprisingly). He's a really chill guy and very interesting, we actually had a lot to talk about and covered a wide variety of subjects. And talk we did. I got home around 10pm. From lunch (I had a house salad and some mystery irish beer that was actually pretty good. Of course, I didn't want to drink it but he brought it and it's only polite and didn't taste bad-I had one to his two) then we drove to the "Hollywood Hills Homes" of our small little town (okay, it's a bit bigger than that but still) and then to historic (and nice) hotel bar (I had 1 Lemon Drop Martini, again, I had one drink to his two and I was a little light headed, haha-wow, it's been a while!) We ended the date with a kiss and he asked if I would be interested in going if he got tickets to The Pageant of the Masters (it's an Art Festival thing in Laguna Hills) (I mentioned I'd never been and was curious, he says he's been and it was actually pretty neat).

So, yeah. It's so weird. I don't even know what to think or how to go about this situation at all. I haven't been "in the game" in so long and actually haven't really been all that interested in getting back into it. I even had a convo with my cousin the other day that it's just not something that I think about-ever. Or maybe more in a WinTheLottery type light (y'know, the lottery that I'd love to win but don't even consider playing cuz why bother when the odds are so bad you just end up losing money and hopes) (I'm optimistic. Clearly.).

Everybody knows him (kinda), he's like a decade-ish older than me and I don't know. But, then, who cares what other people think, right? I had a good time with him. And we actually found a lot of common ground (which is rare for me since I'm an oddball-well, you know, you read my blog!). So....I'm just gonna fly by the seat of my pants, do whatever I want and see where it takes me. I guess. I mean, why not? I've got nothing to lose, right?


  1. Im glad you had such a good time!
    && Well done on the food choices!
    The new guy sounds great, who cares that he's older, at least he's mature. Go to the art thing with him, he sounds like a good guy :)

  2. i just read the 'frightful day' and i can see how far you've come.
    in that post you are explaining my life now as it is.
    and its really inspiring and if you can do it, you've conviced me that if i try hard enough, i can do it too.

    ps,well done for the control at the party. that is some control, especially when everyone else was probably stuffing their faces!

    p.p.s he sounds like a good guy. take the chance.

    p.p.p.s i think we'll send Mr. Inventor of High Heels and Flatirons some flowers.
    i love him too! xxxx

  3. Anonymous19.8.09

    Yeah, no, I totally didn't notice your oddballness. xD I love it though. I mean, this dude sounds like he's alright. There ain't many of these type dudes around.. He sounds like the nice guy who always gets screwed over in the end or something. But there's no harm in having a good time with each other, dates are dates, they arent serious, you arent married, and if you decide you aren't interested in a relationship, he is a cool guy to have fun with ya know? =)

  4. I'm glad you had such a good time at the party. Dang, girl, you must be pretty sexy now that you're in the 120's cuz you've got the boys falling for you like raindrops. Lol. Keep up the good work.

    The new guy sounds great, and if you like him and get along with him so well, i say go for it. Who cares what other people say? You might actually be really happy together, wouldn't that be the best? Lol.

  5. Anonymous19.8.09

    I love your attitude-- you've got nothing to lose and he sounds like a fantastic guy, so why not go for it? Congratulations.

    Meh, I don't count the calories in wine and hard liquor-- just beer and mixers. Because I'm a freak like that. And no, I'm not of drinking age. I just have matronly-but-cool aunts with a penchant for "strange cocktails as dinner".

    And congratulations on the 128.5-- that's fantastic!

    Hope you get your school stuff sorted out-- my school is a clerical disaster too :)

  6. I've always told girls not to date older men, but now I've got one 7 years older and we're totally made for each other. So, yeah. Go with what feels right.


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